Ambedkar's Legacy Enshrined: Andhra CM Jagan to Unveil 125-ft Statue in Vijayawada

Andhra Pradesh CM Jagan will unveil a 125-ft statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in Vijayawada, honoring his legacy. The statue highlights Ambedkar's contributions and signifies the state's commitment to upholding his ideals of social justice and equality.

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125-ft Statue

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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, popularly known as the Father of the Indian Constitution, is an iconic figure in Indian history. His contributions towards social justice and equality continue to inspire generations. In a befitting tribute to his legacy, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy is set to unveil a 125-ft statue of Dr. Ambedkar in the heart of Vijayawada City on 7th August 2021. This remarkable initiative by the state government is a step towards preserving and spreading the values and principles that Ambedkar stood for. It is a fitting tribute to a leader who dedicated his entire life to uplifting marginalized communities and fighting against discrimination.


Honoring the Architect of India's Constitution

The 125-ft tall statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, to be unveiled in Vijayawada, will be the third tallest statue of Ambedkar in the country, after the ones in Mumbai and Nagpur. The statue has been built in the heart of Vijayawada, on a 5000 square meters platform, overlooking the Krishna river. This colossal statue is a symbol of the state's recognition and appreciation of Ambedkar's contributions to the Indian Constitution, which is the backbone of our democratic nation.

Reviving the memory of a social reformer


With the unveiling of this statue, the legacy of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar will be revived once again, and his message of inclusive growth and social harmony will be propagated to the younger generation. The statue stands as a reminder of the struggles and sacrifices made by Ambedkar for the upliftment of the oppressed and the underprivileged. It will serve as a source of inspiration for all those who aspire to build a society based on equality and justice.

A milestone for Andhra Pradesh

The statue of Dr. Ambedkar is a milestone for the state of Andhra Pradesh. It is not just a mere statue, but a symbol of the state's commitment towards inclusive growth and social justice. It is a testament to the progressive thinking and vision of the state government, which is dedicated to creating a society free from discrimination and biases. The statue will also serve as a tourist attraction and put Vijayawada on the map as a significant landmark of cultural and historical significance.


Preserving Ambedkar's ideals

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar was not just a leader but an idea that continues to guide and inspire people to this day. His vision for an egalitarian society was reflected in his struggles for the rights of the oppressed and his tireless efforts towards social reform. The statue of Ambedkar in Vijayawada stands as a representation of his ideals of social justice, equality, and democracy. It will serve as a constant reminder to the people of Andhra Pradesh to uphold the values and principles that Ambedkar stood for.

Promoting social harmony

In recent times, the country has witnessed a rise in caste and communal tension. The unveiling of the Ambedkar statue in Vijayawada is a step towards promoting social harmony and bringing communities together. Ambedkar believed in the unity of all castes and religions and fought against discrimination and segregation. The statue will serve as a symbol of his message of unity and brotherhood, and spread the message of inclusivity to the people.

The 125-ft statue of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, to be unveiled in Vijayawada, is not just a physical structure but a symbol of the state's commitment to preserving and promoting the ideals of Ambedkar. It is a reminder to the people of Andhra Pradesh that the values of equality, social justice, and inclusivity are the cornerstones of our nation and must be upheld. The statue will continue to stand tall and inspire generations to come, ensuring that Ambedkar's legacy remains enshrined in the hearts of the people.

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