Air India Flight Delayed by 24 hours, Many People Fainted: Read More

News: Air India flight from Delhi to San Francisco was delayed for more than 20 hours which caused many of the passengers to faint due to the heatwave.

By Dhwani Joshi
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Air India

On May 30, an Air India flight was scheduled to fly out from Delhi to San Francisco in the afternoon, which eventually flew out on May 31, 11 am, after a delay of more than 20 hours. Some people were even reported to have fainted in the aircraft due to no air conditioning.


Delhi is experiencing a heatwave, with the temperature reaching 52.9 degree Celsius on Wednesday. The airlines did nothing to put people out of misery and hence several people fainted due to excessive heat. The flight was delayed due to operational reasons and by the time the issue was resolved, flight duty time limitations started.

Shweta Punj, a journalist, took to social media X, to talk about the issue and show her disappointment towards the authorities. She wrote in the post, "If there is a privatisation story that has failed it is Air India. DGCA [aviation regulator] AI 183 flight has been delayed for over eight hours, passengers were made to board the plane without air-conditioning, and then deplaned after some people fainted in the flight. This is inhuman," and also tagged Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia.


The Air India X handle responded to her: "Dear Ms. Punj, we truly regret to note the disruptions. Please be rest assured that our team is actively working to address the delay and appreciate your ongoing support and understanding. We are also alerting our team to provide necessary assistance to the passengers."

Other passengers also took to social media to share their experiences and ask the authorities to hold accountability.


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