ARRESTED: A Passenger Caught Defecating In Air India’s Mumbai-Delhi Flight

A man defecating in a mid-air flight episode continues, read to know more.

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Back on 26 November 2022 Air India’s New York to New Delhi flight, a male passenger allegedly urinated on a woman in an inebriated condition and ten days later this incident continued with another drunkard man urinating on a woman’s blanket on December 2, 2022, Air India’s Paris to New Delhi flight. 


And the episode continues, latest on June 24 in an Air India’s Mumbai- New Delhi flight was caught defecating mid-air, police said on Monday. 

Air India fined for how it handled unruly passenger situation | AirInsight

As per the filed FIR, a passenger on 17F named Ram Singh defecated, urinated and spat on row 9 floor of the flight. Also, a present cabin crew gave a verbal warning to him due to the misconduct. 


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The act left others worried and the situation was informed to the pilot-in-command for immediate action and to escort the passenger. The FIR stated that the Air India security head soon came in to escort the man and handed him over to the local police station.

The case has been filed on Ram Singh in Section 294 (obscene acts) and 510 (misconduct in public by a drunken person) of the Indian Penal Code was registered, it added.

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