AR Rahman Faces Backlash Again, Now For Disabling Comments On Chennai Concert Highlights

Music Maestro AR Rahman's Chennai concert controversy continues, shared a highlights video of the day to which netizens criticised for him being insensitive. Read on

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AR Rahman’s Chennai concert named ‘Marakkuma Nenjam’ was all set lit up on August 12 but due to bad weather conditions it had to be postponed on September 10 and guess what? It became India's highest-selling show ever, apart from this happy news the music maestro fell into a huge mishap when many people didn’t get a chance to enter despite having valid tickets. Due to this, it became a stampede-like situation women harassment,  senior citizens children getting misplaced, traffic and parking issues, facing injuries and a lot more. Following this, a huge backlash was received against the musician and organisers for their poor management. 

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AR Rahman Faces Backlash Again!

Rahman and the ACTC Event organisers are now reaching out to the people for refunds, who went back due to crowding. Amid all this, the composer recently posted a highlights video from the concert which is 4 minutes 34 seconds long! On the post, he has also disabled the comment section. 

Netizens now criticize him as they believe this is ‘insensitive’ and for his ‘tone-deafness’ by questioning the timing of the video.

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Following an investigation of the concert turning into a big mess, Tambaran police filed two portions of a case against ACTC Events with accusations of crowd control issues and harassment. 

Earlier the composer opened up about what actually happened which turned into a stampede-like situation and also apologized for the same and made sure this would never be repeated.


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