Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Divorce: The Singer Was ‘Less Than Supportive’ After Actress’ Post Pregnancy

While several reasons for divorce doing rounds on the internet, new reports say pop culture singer Joe Jonas was ‘less than supportive’ of Hollywood actress Sophie Turner's post-pregnancy. Read on.

New Update
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Amidst several speculations of a famous pop culture singer Joe Jonas and Game of Thrones fame actress Sophie Turner splitting apart after their four years of marriage were doing rounds on the internet, the couple breakdown silence on Wednesday with a joint statement of officially announcing their divorce on social media. 


As per previous reports of TMZ, sources close to the couple claimed that it came down to ‘different lifestyles’ if Sophie preferred to party while Joe wanted to stay at home and PageSix reported that Jonas had been “unhappy” for a long time before he decided to part ways.

New Twist of Divorce Reason is!

Now the latest reports from TMZ suggest a new twist that Joe was ‘less than supportive’ of Sophie Turner when she struggled after giving birth to her second child last year. The portal said that several sources, who were around a couple after the post-pregnancy, the actress ‘didn’t want to leave their home’ and ‘didn’t want to be photographed or go to events’.


A Source Speaks About Sophie Turner's POV in Joe Jonas Divorce

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They added, “Nevertheless, she attended several events with Joe, but at one specific event, several people who were there said Sophie made it clear she was uncomfortable and didn’t want to be there.”


According to TMZ sources, Joe ‘complained Sophie was MIA (missing in action) and felt she needed to get out more’. While it was clear to the people who were there and heard Joe, that there was a strain in the relationship.

However, TMZ's sources then connected to Joe on the same and he acknowledged there were ‘challenges in the relationship’, but said that he ‘was supportive’ of Sophie.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married on May 1, 2019, in Las Vegas and they gave birth to their first child in July 2020 while their second child was born in July 2022. While, just a few hours after the official divorce announcement, the singer was spotted with daughters at a restaurant for breakfast time and the pictures were going viral on the internet.




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