Indulge in Culinary Delights: Discover Mumbai's New Restaurants with Stunning Interiors for a Refreshing New Year Experience!

Explore the city's latest gastronomic havens, each boasting stunning decor and unique culinary food delights that promise a delightful start to the New Year.

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Indulge in Culinary Delights Discover Mumbais New Restaurants with Stunning Interiors for a Refreshing New Year Experience.png

As 2024 unfolds, Mumbai beckons food enthusiasts to discover a blend of delectable cuisine and exquisite interiors. From the vintage elegance of Larrikin to the tranquil garden ambience at Sukoon, and the urban sophistication of Ode, the city's culinary scene is thriving with innovation. Let's embark on a culinary journey through these six new restaurants that promise not only exceptional flavours but also captivating atmospheres.


Larrikin, Juhu: A Nod to English-Irish Bars

Larrikin, situated in Juhu, emerges as a premium lounge resonating with the charm of English-Irish bars from a bygone era. Ankit Tamang and his team's design, inspired by The Godfather, introduces vintage elegance with leather couches, dark wood, and plush curtains. The central island bar, lit by a captivating light installation, sets the stage for craft cocktails, prime cigars, and a curated food menu. Larrikin, with its dimly lit ambience and jazz music, invites patrons to unwind in a sophisticated yet welcoming setting.

Larrikin, Juhu, Mumbai | Zomato


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Sukoon, Bandra: A Tranquil Garden Dining Oasis

Sukoon, meaning 'tranquillity,' redefines dining as a serene experience in the heart of Bandra. Founded by Suren Joshi, this intimate 30-seater space boasts verdant greenery and patio furniture strategically placed for peace. Designed by Vidhi Gohil, Sukoon features a retractable roof, offering an escape from city noise. The menu offers vegan, vegetarian, and satvik delicacies, complementing the harmonious blend of functional and minimal design. Sukoon goes beyond the ordinary by offering a 15 per cent discount to patrons who deposit their phones during their visit.


Bandra's New Hotspot, Sukoon Wants You To Embrace Digital Detox; Get 15%  Off On Tables

Ode, Worli: A Personal Culinary Journey

Chef Rahul Akerkar's Ode, a collaboration with the Aditya Birla Group, unfolds as a deeply personal culinary journey. Architect Samira Rathod's design mirrors Akerkar's blended Maharashtrian and European heritage with predominantly grey, concrete interiors. Ode's open kitchen invites diners to witness live cooking, while leafy al fresco seating outside creates a contrasting ambience. The design, a study in restraint, highlights textures and materials like wood, stone, and terrazzo, creating a moody yet inviting vibe.


New restaurant 5 new places in Mumbai with gorgeous interiors

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Pompa, Bandra: Mumbai's Mexican Culinary Marvel


POMPA, a new entrant in Mumbai's dining scene by brothers Ryan and Keenan Tham, invites patrons to savour the magnificence of Mexico. The stained glass murals and a captivating circular bar at VN Sphere Mall set the stage for a vibrant experience. The bar, adorned with tasselled banker's lamps and tequila bottles, complements the 4,000 sq ft space. With woodwork reminiscent of a Mexican fan palm, Pompa immerses diners in a fiesta of flavours, deep booths, and prettily patterned ponchos.

Birria tacos, picantes, and Spanish tunes: this new restaurant brings  Mexican pomp to Mumbai | Condé Nast Traveller India

ARAKU, Colaba: Pioneering Regenerative Agriculture


ARAKU, a homegrown speciality coffee brand, pioneers regenerative agriculture with its first restaurant in an iconic century-old building. Designed by New York-based architect Jorge Zapata, ARAKU features an open kitchen, bakery, and cocktail bar across two levels. The space, elevated by natural stone, timber, and white plaster walls, emphasizes the brand's commitment to sustainability. Bamboo chandeliers crafted by local artisans illuminate the space, creating a warm and eco-conscious dining environment.

CTExclusive: Colaba Gets 1st Araku Restaurant And India's 1st Ever Regen  Dining Space; Preview

Bawri, BKC: A Journey through Regional Indian Cuisine


Bawri, a labour of love by co-founder Sahil Sambhi and chef Amninder Sandhu, celebrates regional Indian cuisine. The 4,500-square-foot restaurant in BKC welcomes guests with rose petals and high ceilings. Muninder and Vishakha Chowdhary's design incorporates various seating zones, from community tables to intimate nooks under arched cane cabanas. Handmade lanterns and pastel terracotta-hued interiors showcase a forward-thinking Indian design theme, providing an ambience filled with the warmth of love, nostalgia, and the diverse flavours of India.

Bawri Introduces Authentic Indian Cuisine in Mumbai's BKC

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Ladurée, BKC:

The iconic French pâtisserie, Ladurée, has graced Mumbai's Jio World Plaza, bringing its signature elegance to the city's culinary landscape. With minimal and muted sage green and gold accents, Ladurée offers a luxurious break from shopping. Indulge in decadent treats, from hot chocolate to signature macarons, in an ambience that mirrors the sophistication of Ladurée's Parisian roots.

22 new restaurants to try in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Goa, Kolkata | Condé  Nast Traveller India

Tuya's, Juhu:

Tuya's, a culinary kaleidoscope, promises a diverse menu featuring North Indian, Italian, and Continental delights. With indoor and outdoor seating, Tuya's offers a perfect ambience to unwind. Two distinct outdoor sections add a twist to the dining experience, and two bars cater to the preferences of both cocktail connoisseurs and beer lovers alike.

Reviews of Tuya's, Juhu, Mumbai | Zomato

Cosybox, Lower Parel:

Bringing the glitz and glamour of Cannes to Mumbai, Cosy Box has opened its second outpost in One Lodha Place, Lower Parel. With approximately 10,000 sq ft of space, Cosy Box boasts heightened ceilings, elegant furniture, and dimensional lighting. Offering global cuisine ranging from Italian to Asian to Turkish, Cosy Box creates an aesthetic blend of colour and textures, delivering a maximalist dining experience.

From Cannes to Mumbai: Cosy Box in Lower Parel is a restaurant all about  that silver screen glamour

As Mumbai's culinary landscape evolves, these new restaurants offer not just gastronomic delights but immersive experiences. From Larrikin's vintage charm to Sukoon's tranquil oasis, each establishment brings a unique flavour to the city's vibrant food scene. Ode's personal journey, Pompa's Mexican marvel, ARAKU's commitment to regenerative agriculture, and Bawri's celebration of regional Indian cuisine collectively contribute to a diverse tapestry that awaits exploration in the bustling metropolis. Embark on this gastronomic journey to savour exquisite dishes and relish the ambience, creating lasting memories in the city's ever-evolving culinary narrative.

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