Air India Elevates Style In Manish Malhotra's Designed Modern Saree Pantsuits for Cabin & Cockpit Crew

Breaking away from a 60-year tradition, Air India's new uniform, designed by Manish Malhotra, combines traditional elegance with contemporary flair, introducing saree pantsuits in vibrant Indian fashion hues.

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In a significant departure from its traditional uniforms, Air India is set to soar in style with a revamped look designed by the renowned Manish Malhotra. The celebrated designer has given a modern twist to the airline's attire, introducing saree pantsuits for the cabin and cockpit crew, marking a bold shift from the conventional sarees that have been a staple for 60 years.


Manish Malhotra's creations for Air India showcase a fusion of tradition and modernity, with the introduction of trendy pant sarees or saree pantsuits in three quintessential Indian colours – red, aubergine, and gold. These colours symbolize the confident and vibrant new India that Air India aims to represent. The airline's CEO and MD, Campbell Wilson, unveiled the new uniforms during a rebranding event on August 10, announcing that the fresh livery would first grace the A350 aircraft, expected to be delivered in October. ALSO READ: Cinematic Must-Sees: Movies You Can't Afford To Miss In Your Lifetime

The official announcement on social media platforms featured a captivating video animation of the new outfits, promising a "new journey" for Air India. The caption read, "We are proud to present to the world, the all-new Air India Pilot & Cabin Crew uniforms, designed by @manishmalhotraworld Each design, through its colors, style and elements, represents where we come from and the window of possibilities ahead of us. #AirIndia #NewUniform #FlyAI #ManishMalhotra."



Manish Malhotra, renowned for his Bollywood connections and groundbreaking designs, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, "There have been times when halfway across the world I have caught a glimpse of an Air India and felt closer to India again. In the earlier years, they (cabin crew) actually used to wear lehengas and maang teekas. For me, designing these uniforms for the new era was an incredibly exciting chance. I wanted to stay true to Air India’s roots while weaving in my vision to represent the new chapter we are stepping in." ALSO READ: Unveiling the Overrated and Underrated Indian Films of 2023


While Air India's female crew adorned skirts, jackets, and hats until 1962, the transition to sarees was initiated by the late JRD Tata. The recent redesign incorporates a modern and comfortable alternative for female flight attendants, replacing the traditional petticoat with pants or trousers. The images released showcase a stylish adaptation, featuring women draped in sarees, some complemented by palazzo pants or wide-leg trousers underneath, reflecting a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary fashion.

The introduction of pant sarees aligns with the post-COVID-19 trend that emphasizes both style and comfort. Manish Malhotra's modern take on Air India's uniforms serves as "an ode to Air India’s rich history and a promise of a bright future," offering a refreshing and chic makeover for the airline's crew. As Air India takes flight with this contemporary wardrobe, it not only redefines its visual identity but also makes a statement in the ever-evolving landscape of aviation fashion.




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