EXCLUSIVE: ‘Animal’ Enemies’ Off-screen Bond Shines Brighter, Bobby Deol Says, “Ranbir Is My Favourite Actor” and About His Character Abrar “I didn’t see him as a Villain”

We got in an exclusive chat with Bobby Deol, From unveiling the actor's personal side, surprising connections with Ranbir Kapoor and calling, “I feel I just began in my life as an actor”. Read to know the deets below.

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EXCLUSIVE with popdiaries ‘Animal’ Enemies’ Off-screen Bond Shines Brighter, Bobby Deol Says, “Ranbir Is My Favourite Actor” and Calling His Character Abrar “Romantic”.png

The 'Lord' Bobby Deol, the superstar, is basking in the love from the audience for his remarkable and unbelievable performance in 'Animal' as a mute protagonist. Within just a few minutes of screen time, he has captured the limelight as much as the lead actor, Ranbir Kapoor. Since the movie's unveiling, the audience has been raving about Deol’s Iranian entry song, his enthralling performance, and the over-the-top action sequences.


Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with our PopDiaries, the current viral star, Mr Bobby Deol, who plays an antagonist in 'Animal,' shared insights into his off-screen relationship with co-star Ranbir Kapoor. Despite being enemies on screen, Deol expressed admiration and love for Kapoor as an amazing person saying he’s his favourite actor. The interview also delves into Deol's traditional approach to character preparation and explores his hypothetical time-travel preferences, providing a comprehensive view of the actor's perspectives and experiences. Read on to know

1. A traditional approach to process any of your characters?

“Whenever I’m playing any character, I feel all the emotions are similar be it any character. If I’m playing a protagonist the emotions are the same or in an antagonist, the emotions are the same but how you portray, bring it out and change the feel of the character is important – I can't explain in words but I'm more spontaneous, like to have a proper control over my script and need to know how exactly I'm speaking by working on these things first. Because once you know what you're saying it becomes when you feel it more and I can’t be unprepared when I'm on set. I need to get my script much before I start shooting."


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Went on to reveal a moment while he was shooting for his character Abrar, he added, "When I was playing Abrar in Animal, I didn’t see him as a villain but instead I thought him as a person who lost his grandfather in front of his eyes who burnt himself and that shock took his voice that made him so angry which bought his evil side out and over to take revenge. He is a family-oriented man, loves his family, he's romantic, and loves his three wives but he would kill anyone if anyone tries to destroy his family because it is a normal way. 


When I play a character, there are so many incidences that happened in your own life that you use subconsciously without knowing. You feel those and suddenly come to your mind and use all those while performing." 

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2. You and Ranbir were enemies on-screen but off-screen there's a different kind of bromance, how was the first meet with him?


"I've known Ranbir for a long time but didn’t know him personally so well. But I've always been a big fan of his mom and dad (Neetu Kapoor and Rishi Kapoor). As we both are from a film family, I used to always bump into him at parties. When he was younger than me but I used to often get attracted to his personality and always notice him around. Like whenever he used to dance, he would steal all the limelight on the stage.

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Additionally, he talks about how Ranbir is as a person and how both of them got along easily, “When I started working with him in a film, I loved him as an actor and he's my favourite actor. When I met him, and spent those 15 days I fell in love with him as a person. He's so humble, a big star, with no insecurities and he gives so much respect. I guess, he felt the same about me."


Revealing BTS Connections:

Additionally, Bobby Deol takes fans behind the scenes, shedding light on a candid moment captured in an Instagram post during an intense action sequence in 'Animal.' In the midst of a fight-to-death scene, Bobby and Ranbir engage in heartfelt conversations, discussing family dynamics and sharing anecdotes about Ranbir's proposal to Alia Bhatt. The off-screen camaraderie mirrors their on-screen rivalry, revealing a genuine bond grounded in shared values of family orientation.

This was that moment:


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3. After so much experience in life, if there was one thing you still wish to come true?

"I feel I just began my life as an actor and what is happening in life right now is something so special, I'm so happy at the moment. Yes, it makes me nervous that I really need to work hard now and do better work. But we're actors, we can never be perfect with choices, you will make mistakes and I hope I don't keep proving myself as an actor." 

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Continuing the conversation, Bobby Deol delved into a whimsical desire to rewind time, expressing a wish to have been born in the enchanting 1950s era. Envisioning himself in the cinematic masterpieces of that time, he mused about the allure of the golden age of movies. Gratitude poured forth as he thanked not only the almighty but also his fans, acknowledging their pivotal role in creating this surreal moment. With an infectious blend of pride and elation, Bobby shared how the overwhelming love and the bestowed title of 'Lord' by his fans make him feel like he's living a dream amidst the success of 'Animal.'

Adding on Bobby delighted fans, takes on a fun challenge with us, sharing quirky secrets in an exclusive interview - Dive into the laughter and discover the unexpected side of the Bollywood sensation that you never heard about him!



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'Animal,' with its worldwide theatrical release on December 1, 2023, has captivated audiences with its gripping narrative and powerful performances. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, the film not only stars Ranbir Kapoor but also features Anil Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Tripti Dimri, and, of course, Bobby Deol in significant roles.

Produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Murad Khetani, and Pranay Reddy Vanga, 'Animal' explores the dark complexities of ambition, revenge, and familial bonds. With a runtime of 201 minutes, the film boasts a stellar musical composition and cinematography, contributing to its cinematic brilliance. As Bobby Deol's fans eagerly await more of his riveting performances, 'Animal' stands as a testament to the enduring impact of the Deol legacy in Bollywood.

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