Vijay Deverakonda boldly stands up for Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth amidst flop films backlash

Vijay Deverakonda bravely defended Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth against criticism following their recent films' underperformance, standing up for the iconic actors in the face of negative backlash.

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flop films backlash

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In cinema, success and failure are two sides of the same coin. Despite their immense talent, even the biggest superstars cannot guarantee a hit every time they step onto the silver screen. In recent times, south Indian cinema icons Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth have faced their fair share of criticism due to a string of underperforming films. However, one young actor, Vijay Deverakonda, has boldly come forward to show unwavering support for these industry legends amidst the backlash they have been receiving.


Understanding the pressure of stardom

Vijay Deverakonda, known for his frank and outspoken nature, is no stranger to the pressures and expectations of being a successful actor. Having experienced both triumphs and setbacks throughout his career, he empathizes with Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth, acknowledging the immense pressure that they face with each release. Deverakonda understands that even legendary actors can sometimes falter and believes it is essential to stand by them during such challenging times.

Respecting the legacy


Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth, both stalwarts of the South Indian film industry, have amassed an incredible fan base over the years. Their captivating performances and larger-than-life personas have earned them a place in the hearts of millions of fans. Despite facing criticism for their recent films, Vijay Deverakonda recognizes the legendary status these actors have achieved and believes it is crucial to honor and respect their contributions to cinema.

Promoting a supportive industry culture

Vijay Deverakonda has advocated for a supportive and inclusive industry culture where artists are encouraged and uplifted rather than torn down. By standing up for Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth amidst the criticism of their recent films, Deverakonda sets an example for other actors and film industry professionals, emphasizing the importance of solidarity and encouragement even during challenging times. 

Appreciating artistic risk-taking

Regardless of their stature, every artist constantly seeks to explore new dimensions and challenge themselves creatively. While the outcome may only sometimes be a commercial success, Vijay Deverakonda values the audacity of Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth in pushing the boundaries and taking risks with their film choices. He believes pursuing artistic vision is a commendable endeavor that deserves encouragement rather than judgment. 

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