BTS' Jungkook Denies Rumors Of Having Girlfriend, Says 'All I Think About Is Army'!

BTS' Jungkook addresses girlfriend rumours, reaffirms his love for ARMY, and clears the air about a viral video, strengthening the bond with fans.

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In a recent live session on Stationhead, BTS' Jungkook took a moment to address rumours about his alleged girlfriend. During the session, he openly clarified his relationship status and expressed his unwavering affection for the ARMY, the dedicated fanbase of the globally renowned K-pop group.


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In response to the dating speculation, Jungkook, known for his honesty, responded, "Do I have a girlfriend? Why do you keep asking that? I don't have a girlfriend, so there's no need to ask questions like this."


But it was his heartfelt words of love for the ARMY that truly resonated with fans. He continued, "I only have ARMYs... I'm only looking at ARMYs... ARMYs be my girlfriend... Okay?? I only look at ARMYs because I'm ARMYbaragi (armyflower like sunflower). Ah, do I need to say this in English too? ARMYs, please spread this in English, far and wide. If someone asks, you're going to tell them that I'm your boyfriend? Okay, do it! Tell them I'm your boyfriend or friend or older or younger brother or family."

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This candid declaration from Jungkook came after a video featuring a man and a girl went viral on social media, with many claiming that the man in the video was Jungkook. However, during his recent conversation with fans, Jungkook took the opportunity to clear the air about the viral video, discouraging any thoughts of taking legal action against those who spread it. He wisely noted, "There's no need to sue them. Just leave it be. Leave it be, leave it be. This just gives them attention. If you don't give them attention, they won't do that. Thank you. I love you (ARMYs). Let me embrace you with love."


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Jungkook's genuine and heartfelt words have once again endeared him to the ARMY, reinforcing the strong bond between BTS and their dedicated fans.

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