Republic Day 2024: Powerful Dialogues From THESE Bollywood Movies Ignite Patriotic Fervour for our Country India!

Embark on a Bollywood cinematic journey of patriotism with these powerful Bollywood dialogues. From 'Fighter' to 'Gadar,' let the spirit of India ignite your soul this National Republic Day. Jai Hind!

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India, a land rich in culture and diverse in nature, is a nation filled with warmth and hospitality. Its people wholeheartedly welcome others, embodying a spirit of unity and acceptance. However, when the nation faces adversity, the same compassionate people transform into stalwart defenders, exhibiting a fierce determination to protect and showcase the true essence of India. This duality, from open-hearted embrace to resolute defence, exemplifies the strength and resilience ingrained in the Indian spirit.


As we celebrate Republic Day 2024, let's reflect on the impactful dialogues from Bollywood movies that resonate deeply, stirring our emotions and instilling a profound sense of patriotism. In Hrithik Roshan's recent film 'Fighter,' powerful dialogues echo the sentiments of strength and determination. Shah Rukh Khan's 'Dunki' contributes emotional lines that tug at our heartstrings, while timeless classics like 'Border' and 'Gadar' encapsulate the spirit of India, evoking a profound love for our country. This Republic Day, let's immerse ourselves in these cinematic expressions that not only connect us to our roots but also inspire a renewed sense of pride and affection for the incredible nation we call home.

1. Fighter (2024)

“Duniya me mil jayenge aashiq kayi, par watan se hasi sanam nahi hota. Heero me simatkar, sone se lipatkar marte hain kayi, par tirange se khoobsurat kafan nahi hota.”


“Bomb blast, 26/11 aur ab Pulwama. Pichle 50 saalo me kisi sarkar ne unki in harkato ka muhtod jawab nahi diya. Lakin ab bass….. Unhe dikhana padega ki baap kaun hai.”

“Fighter wo nahi hai jo apne target achieve karta hai, wo hai jo unhe thok deta hai.”

“POK ka matlab hai Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Tumne occupy kiya hai, maalik hum hai.”


“Tujh jaise terrorist ki wajah se agar hum badtameezi par utar aaye to tumhara har mohalla IOP ban jayega. Indian Occupied Pakistan, Jai Hind.”

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2. Dunki (2023)

“Humne majboori mein apna ghar chhoda tha. Warna koi apne desh, apna parivaar, apne doston ko chhodkar kyun jayega sarhadon pe goli khane."

“Sau saal raaj karke gaye angrezo ne. Jab bhi yaha aaye the humne toh inse nahi pucha tha ki bhai Hindi aati hai kya. Jab Humne Inko Nahi Roka Tha Toh Yeh Kon Hote Hain Humko Rokne Wale?"


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3. Pathaan (2023)

“Ek soldier yeh nahi poochta desh ne uske liye kya kiya ... poochta hai woh desh ke liye kya kar sakta hai”


“Party Pathaan ke ghar pe rakhoge ... toh mehman nawazi ke liye Pathaan toh aayega ... aur patake bhi layega”

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4. URI: The Surgical Strike (2019)


“Yeh Hindustan ab chup nahi baithega… Yeh naya Hindustan hai … Yeh ghar mein ghoosega bhi aur Maarega bhi”

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5. Kesari (2019)

“Ek angrez ne mujhse kaha tha ki tum gulam ho, Hindusthan ki dharti se darpok paida hote hai, Aaj jawab dene ka waqt aa gaya hai”

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6. Raazi (2018)

“Watan ke aage kuch nahi…Khud bhi nahi”

“Mulk ke samne mujhe apna aap nazar nahi aata… main hi toh mulk hoon, Hindustan hoon”

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7. Chak De! India

“Mujhe states ke naam na sunai dete hai na dikhai dete hai…Sirf ek mulk ka naam sunai deta hai: I-N-D-I-A!”

“Marr ke aayenge … lekin haar ke nahi aayenge”

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8. Gadar: Ek Prem Katha (2001)

“Tumhara pakistan zindabaad hai isse hume koi aitraz nahi, magar humara hindustan zindabad tha,

zindabad hai,zindabaad raheg a..”

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9. Border (1997)

“Hum toh kisi doosre ki dharti par nazar bhi nahi dalte ... lekin itne nalayak bachche bhi nahi hai ... ki koi hamari dharti maa par nazar daale aur hum chup chap dekhte rahe”

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10. Baby (2015)

“Religion wala jo column hota hai , usme hum Bold aur CAPITAL me INDIAN likhte hai”

As we wrap up this journey through powerful Bollywood dialogues that ignite the flames of patriotism, let these resonant words echo in our hearts. On Republic Day 2024, these cinematic expressions not only connect us to our roots but also serve as a poignant reminder of the indomitable spirit of India. From the contemporary fervour of 'Fighter' to timeless classics like 'Gadar' and 'Border,' each dialogue encapsulates the essence of love and sacrifice for our incredible nation. As we celebrate the pride and affection for India, let these words reverberate, instilling a renewed sense of unity and devotion to our motherland. Jai Hind!

Happy Republic Day!

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