Deepika Padukone- Standing Tall Against All The Trolls

Deepika Padukone recently shared photos from a photo shoot where she is wearing a yellow dress and flaunting her baby bump and has pregnancy glow.

By Dhwani Joshi
New Update

A few days ago, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh  announced that they are expecting their first child together. The couple recieved quite a positive response from the public but there were also some who made speculations about them having the baby through surrogacy


When Deepika and Ranveer went to the polling booth for voting, some fans noticed Deepik's baby bump, but again many trolled her for having a fake baby bump. She was unnnecesarily bashed and trolled for for this. But recently, she shared pictures from a photo shoot she's wearing a sunshine yellow, easy breezy dress, where her cute baby bump is visible. These pictures are answer to all her trollers that she is not affected by any of it.

Deepika has been trolled time and again for the silliest of reasons. During Padmavat, she was bashed for wearing a blouse that showed some of her belly, or, in Pathaan, she faced backlash for wearing an orange bikini that 'hurt' the sentiments of people from a certain religion. Deepika Padukone has faced backlash for these incidents while her male co-stars never have to face any consequences, but she has proved that she is strong and stand against all the trolls. 

See her Recent Photos her: 


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