Actress Mrunal Thakur Opens Up About Body Shaming & Career Challenges!

Bollywood diva Mrunal Thakur bravely speaks out against body shaming, emphasizing her commitment to diverse roles and challenging industry norms. Read on to know more.

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In a recent interview with Indian Express, Bollywood actress Mrunal Thakur candidly discussed her experiences with body shaming and the challenges she faces in the entertainment industry. With a career spanning over five years, Thakur has garnered praise for her performances in various films, including the critically acclaimed 'Love Sonia.'

However, despite her talent and accolades, Thakur revealed that she has encountered difficulties in securing roles in Bollywood that match the opportunities she has found in South Indian cinema. Expressing frustration with the limited possibilities in Hindi films, Thakur lamented the need to continually pursue producers for roles and emphasized her willingness to take on diverse characters, even if they entail playing roles typically associated with television.

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Addressing the issue of body shaming, Thakur recounted an incident where a casting director rejected her for not meeting their standards of attractiveness. Refusing to conform to narrow beauty standards, Thakur asserted her confidence in her appearance, stating, "I have thick thighs and I own them."

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Thakur challenged societal norms surrounding beauty and sexuality, highlighting that her definition of "sexy" transcends physical attributes. She emphasized the importance of meaningful conversations and the ability to portray complex characters over conforming to superficial expectations.

While acknowledging the presence of supportive filmmakers who appreciate her authenticity, Thakur expressed her desire to be malleable as an actress, willing to shape herself according to the demands of her roles. Rejecting the notion of taking on roles that are too easy, Thakur affirmed her commitment to challenging herself as an artist.

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Looking ahead, Thakur is set to star in prominent projects, including Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming film and A.R. Murugadoss's Tamil action film. Additionally, she is slated to appear in Navjot Gulati's thriller 'Pooja Meri Jaan' and Vijay Deverakonda's VD13.

Mrunal Thakur's fearless stance against body shaming and her unwavering dedication to her craft serves as a testament to her resilience and commitment to breaking barriers in the entertainment industry.

With her upcoming ventures poised to showcase her versatility and talent, Thakur continues to be a trailblazer in Bollywood, inspiring audiences with her authenticity and determination.




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