Sanjeeda Shaikh Shares Experience Shooting Heeramandi Mujra Sequence on Her Period: ‘People Assume You're Cranky for No Reason’

Sanjeeda Shaikh opened up about shooting a mujra sequence in 'Heeramandi' while on her period, highlighting the misconception that women are moody for no reason, and emphasizing the need for understanding and empathy.

By Megha Badiger
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Heeramandi Mujra

Image: Heeramandi Mujra

It's not every day that a celebrity opens up about the unspoken realities of being a woman.


Sanjeeda Shaikh, known for her roles in shows like Kundali Bhagya and Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye, recently shared her experience of shooting an intricate mujra sequence for Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming web series Heeramandi – all while navigating the challenges of her menstrual cycle.

In a refreshingly honest interview, Sanjeeda shed light on the stigma surrounding periods and how it impact a woman's professional life. "People assume you're cranky or moody for no reason when you're on your period," she admitted candidly. "But the truth is, we're dealing with physical discomfort and hormonal shifts that can be quite overwhelming at times."

The mujra sequence, a pivotal part of the show's narrative, required Sanjeeda to deliver an intense and sensual performance. However, dealing with period cramps and fatigue made the process even more daunting. "It was a grueling experience," she revealed. "The costumes were heavy, the choreography was intricate, and on top of that, I was struggling with my period."


Despite the challenges, Sanjeeda's professionalism and dedication shone through. "I couldn't let my discomfort compromise the quality of my work," she explained. "So, I pushed through, took regular breaks, and relied on pain medication to get me through the long shooting hours."

Sanjeeda's candid revelation is a much-needed reminder that even in the glamorous world of entertainment, women face the same biological realities as anyone else. Her willingness to address this often-taboo subject is commendable and sends a powerful message about normalizing conversations around menstrual health.

"I hope by sharing my experience, I can inspire other women to be more open about their struggles," Sanjeeda said. "We need to create a more supportive and understanding environment, not just in the workplace but in society as a whole."

As Heeramandi gears up for its release, Sanjeeda Shaikh's powerful performance and her courageous decision to break the silence on menstrual stigma will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on audiences and the industry alike.

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