Saira Banu on Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz's Clash: 'Why I Believe in Marriage, Not Live-In Relationships'

In an interview, vintage actress Saira Banu shared her thoughts on the clash between fellow actresses Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz, stating her belief in traditional marriage over modern live-in relationships.

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Saira Banu, popularly known as the 'Golden Girl' of Indian cinema, recently spoke up about the ongoing trend of live-in relationships and the clash between veteran actresses Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz. In a recent interview, the legendary actor shared her thoughts on these topics and why she believes in the sanctity of marriage over live-in relationships. Let's take a deeper look at her views.


The Zeenat Aman-Mumtaz controversy

The clash between Zeenat Aman and Mumtaz began when Zeenat made a statement suggesting that Mumtaz had opted for a live-in relationship with the late actor Rajesh Khanna. This created a stir in the media with Mumtaz denying the claim and calling it a baseless rumor. While Mumtaz firmly believes in the sanctity of marriage, Zeenat has always been vocal about her views on live-in relationships. This sparked a debate on which type of relationship is more acceptable in today's society.

Saira Banu's take on live-in relationships


Saira Banu, who has been married to veteran actor Dilip Kumar for over five decades, shared her views on the ongoing debate and spoke about the importance of marriage. She stated, 'I believe that marriage is a sacred bond and should be the only way of living together.' Saira Banu's strong belief in the institution of marriage stems from her own blissful experience with Dilip Kumar, whom she refers to as her soulmate.

The importance of commitment

In the age of fast-paced relationships and hook-up culture, Saira Banu emphasized the significance of commitment in any relationship. She believes that marriage solidifies the commitment between two individuals and provides a sense of security, trust, and stability. According to her, live-in relationships lack a strong commitment and are often considered temporary, which can lead to a lack of emotional stability and security.


The impact on children

Saira Banu also raised concerns about the impact of live-in relationships on children. She believes that children need a stable and nurturing environment to grow up in, which can only be provided by a committed relationship like marriage. Living together without the commitment of marriage can create a sense of insecurity and confusion for the children, which can have detrimental effects on their emotional well-being.

Marriage: a foundation of trust and respect


Saira Banu also highlighted the importance of trust and respect in a marriage, which she believes is the foundation of a strong relationship. In live-in relationships, these values may not hold the same weight as in a marriage, leading to issues like infidelity, lack of communication, and emotional disconnect. Saira Banu believes that marriage is a sacred bond that requires constant effort, communication, and mutual respect to sustain and grow.

The beauty of companionship

In the end, Saira Banu shared her thoughts on the beauty of companionship that comes with marriage. She believes that the journey of marriage is a beautiful and fulfilling one, where two individuals grow, learn, and evolve together. The bond of marriage creates a deep understanding and connection between two people, making it a more enriching experience than a live-in relationship.

In conclusion, Saira Banu's views on marriage and live-in relationships shed some light on the ongoing debate, and her years of experience and blissful marriage with Dilip Kumar make her opinion all the more valuable. While live-in relationships may work for some, Saira Banu firmly believes in the power and sanctity of marriage and its impact on individuals, families, and society as a whole. Her words serve as a testament to the beauty and strength of this sacred bond.

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