Mukesh Khanna's Opinion on Ranveer Singh as Shaktimaan: Choose Films that Embody Indian Values

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna, known for his iconic role as Shaktimaan, recently expressed his disappointment with Ranveer Singh possibly playing the superhero. He believes Indian youth need films that uphold traditional values.

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In today's era of globalization, where cultural boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred, it is imperative to preserve and promote our indigenous values and traditions. And one man who has been a strong advocate of this sentiment is the iconic actor, Mukesh Khanna, who is best known for his portrayal of the beloved superhero, Shaktimaan.


Recently, Khanna's opinion on actor Ranveer Singh being chosen to play the role of Shaktimaan in a film adaptation has sparked a debate on choosing films that embody Indian values. In a recent interview, Khanna expressed his disappointment with the casting choice, stating that Singh does not possess the 'atmanirbhar' (self-reliant) and 'swadeshi' (indigenous) qualities required for the character.

Let us delve deeper into this important topic and understand the significance of choosing films that reflect the true essence of our rich Indian heritage.

Preserving Indian Values Through Films


Indian cinema has always played a crucial role in shaping our cultural identity and reflecting societal values. From the early days of Bollywood to the present era, films have been a powerful medium to convey stories that are rooted in our traditions and ethos.

Historically, films like Satyajit Ray's 'Pather Panchali' and 'Gandhi' by Richard Attenborough, have not only entertained audiences but also presented a deeper meaning and message that resonated with Indian values. These films have stood the test of time and continue to be celebrated for their portrayal of Indian culture and traditions.

Mukesh Khanna's Take on Ranveer Singh as Shaktimaan


For the 90s generation, Mukesh Khanna as Shaktimaan was not just a mere character, but an embodiment of truth, righteousness, and Indian values. Hence, it comes as no surprise that Khanna has a strong opinion on how the character should be portrayed on the big screen.

In his recent statement, Khanna mentioned the importance of casting an actor who embodies an 'atmanirbhar' and 'swadeshi' attitude, stating that such a person would truly do justice to the role of Shaktimaan. Khanna believes that an actor with a strong Indian identity and a deep understanding of our culture would be the perfect choice for this iconic role.

Choosing Films That Embody Indian Values: A Need of the Hour


As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, there is a fear of losing our cultural roots and identity. In such a scenario, promoting and preserving Indian values through films becomes crucial.

Cinema has the power to influence the minds of the audience, especially the younger generation. By choosing films that embody Indian values, we not only preserve our culture but also instill a sense of pride and belonging in the minds of our youth.

Moreover, in a country as diverse as India, films can serve as a unifying factor and bridge the gaps between different communities. By showcasing the various traditions, customs, and values of different regions, we can foster a sense of unity and promote cultural understanding.


The Way Forward

Mukesh Khanna's opinion on casting Ranveer Singh as Shaktimaan has sparked a much-needed discussion on choosing films that embody Indian values. While it is essential to stay open to new ideas and adapt to changing times, it is equally important to stay rooted in our traditions and culture.

Film producers and directors have a responsibility to promote Indian values through their stories and casting choices. It is also the audience's responsibility to support and promote films that reflect our ethos and culture.


In conclusion, the debate on Mukesh Khanna's opinion on Ranveer Singh as Shaktimaan is not just about casting choices, but also about emphasizing the importance of promoting and preserving Indian values through the powerful medium of cinema. Let us hope that this debate leads to a conscious effort to choose films that truly embody the core values of our nation.

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