6 common mistakes office workers make that lead to back pain. check this now:

1.Is your desk job causing back pain ?

If you have a desk job, it may not come as a surprise to hear you complain of back pain. However, being common and prevalent does not make it easier. Research has found that most office workers suffer from some form of physical pain at work, such as back, neck or joint pain.

The terrible back pain can make it troublesome for you to focus on work and prevent you from enjoying activities outside of work. This eventually leads to popping painkillers. Many people wonder if changing their job can be a solution. However, there are certain things to note that can help you fix your back while sticking to the same job.Here are some common mistakes people make during their office hours, which leads to back problems.

02..Not drinking enough water​
Hydration is essential to keep your joints lubricated, which helps to reduce aches in the back. Keep a large water bottle on your desk and keep sipping water throughout the day.

03.Lack of protein
Coming to your diet, not eating enough protein rich foods can also aggravate your back pain. Protein is essential to stimulate growth and repair within the body.

04.Too much sugar
If you have a habit of snacking on sweets or drinking sugary beverages during your work hours, then your diet could again be responsible for your back pain. Excessive sugar can cause inflammation and leave out nutrients required to build strength in your back.

05..Sitting for long hours​
Sitting for long hours at a stretch is one of the most obvious causes behind your back pain. Make sure you move for at least 10 minutes after every 45 minutes. Set reminders on your phone in case you get too engrossed in work and end up sitting for long hours. Walking is a simple way to engage those muscles which haven’t been used in a while due to constant sitting.

Your mind and body are connected, which is why your mental stress can manifest into physical pain. When under stress, your body switches off the short muscles around the vertebrae, which makes them vulnerable to going out of alignment and can lead to spinal pain.

Usually, people experience stress at work due to overwhelming workload, a lack of communication, and bad management. It is essential to find solutions to manage and release your stress so that it does not harm your mental or physical health.


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