Suga spills the beans on the next BTS member to appear on 'Suchwita' in a not-so-subtle hint"

Suga spills the beans on the next BTS member to appear on ‘Suchwita’ in a not-so-subtle hint

Well, I wonder who the potential next visitor is. 😂

BTS Suga‘s drinking-themed series Suchwita has to be one of the most popular online programmes right now. Suga has a new guest on every week, and the two of them speak and drink together.

A BTS member hasn’t appeared in a while. Since the beginning of the series, keen-eyed ARMYs have been speculating about who would appear next after spotting a bottle that Jin had personally signed, Jungkook professing his admiration for the series, and even remarks from J-Hope.

The one member that has been teased to come appears to be making his Suchwita debut, and that member is none other than BTS’s Jimin.

On March 24, Jimin will release his self-titled solo debut album.

Jimin built a water tank for his Marimo, whom he dubbed Suga, while doing a live broadcast via Weverse. One ARMY remarked and inquired about his intention to appear on Suchwita.

Do you intend to appear on the second-oldest hyung programme, Jimin-ah? I’d want to see you two drink.

Wait a little while, Jimin. I will handle everything. giggles

The most recent Suchwita teaser was published on March 20, making it seem as though the wait was gone.

Although the teaser wants viewers to speculate about who will arrive, Jimin was immediately identifiable as he entered the scene. By his stature, voice, and the fact Suga introduced him as a spectator of the show, it had to be Jimin.

The idol then feigned to be astonished when Suga revealed he was fully aware of the FACE marketing, which served to further conceal Jimin’s “Identity” in the video. But the funniest way to break that mystique was for him to admit his joy in being a hyung and demonstrate how at ease he was!

As soon as they began discussing BTS and how the members interacted, they all but gave up on any mystery.

They all but gave up on any mystery as soon as they started talking about BTS and the interactions amongst the members.

Predictably, ARMYs couldn’t contain their enthusiasm when they finally got to witness Jimin on Suchwita as soon as the teaser was made public. They made light of the fact that HYBE made no effort to conceal his identity.

The programme won’t be airing for long, and it will definitely be hectic with AF ARMIES eagerly anticipating the exchanges.


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