To Keep The Memories Of Holly This Newly Released Photo-shoot Sketch Of BTS SUGA Is All About "Me, Myself, And Suga 'Wholly Or Whole Me'"

By Shaina Sharma
New Update

BTS Suga showcase his authentic ideas when its about to take initiative on the other side of the camera. Suga has recently released a Photo-folio which is a quick witted shout-out to his beloved dog Holly, who has been by his side for a long time.


Related to the same concept now the idol has released the official video of the Photo-shoot Sketch titled “ME, MYSELF, AND SUGA ‘WHOLLY OR WHOLE ME’”, produced by the HYBE Media Studio. The video centres around capturing the charm at the locations in LA. The flick consists beautiful sceneries, panoramic views and the cool camping sites, set up in the middle of barren land and surrounded by the rocks.


In the MV the rapper and producer talks about the places why he has chosen them for the shoot, what idea he wants to present and so much more. To know the exact details see the video here:

As mentioned earlier, SUGA will be heading to the USA, for his first solo global tour. There he will be performing at 5-Venues spanning over 11 concerts, followed by his return to Asia where he will hold shows in Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore.

The Daechwita idol will be back to his homeland South Korea in June, while the dates for his Japan visit have not been revealed yet.

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