J-Hope and J. Cole's "On the Street" Dominates International Charts, and BTS members and TXT Participate In The Viral Challenge.

By Simran Arora
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The joint song is climbing the ranks on both Spotify and iTunes all around the world.


J-Hope, a member of BTS, stated that he has started the process of enlisting in the military by formally cancelling his deferment. He would become the second member of the group, after Jin, to sign up for the conscription. Soon after, it was also made known that J-Hope will be releasing his single "On the street" next, helping fans adjust to the news. The teaser video opened the door for J. Cole to be revealed as the song's featured artist, which left the BTS ARMY in for another surprise. This is a huge accomplishment for J-Hope, who has frequently referred to the American rapper as his muse or his inspiration. A music video and the song were subsequently published on March 3 at 2 PM KST.

On the music charts, "on the street"


By 9 am KST the next day, the song had reportedly climbed to the top of the iTunes Top Tracks rankings in at least 80 different areas. Famous and fiercely competitive music marketplaces like those in Sweden, Italy, and Canada are among these areas. The music video topped the rising video rankings on YouTube in a number of other countries, including Mexico, the US, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, and Denmark. Similar to this, J-song Hope's had a strong Spotify ranking and peaked at No. 16 on the Spotify Daily Top 50 - Worldwide list. According to reports, it received 3,294,403 streams on just the first day of release.It is also known to have made its debut at the top of the Japan Oricon Daily Digital Single Ranking chart.


"On-the-street" dance contest


J-Hope is a well-known dance prodigy who has developed into a renowned celebrity with outstanding abilities. The release of "on the street" has furthered this, since the BTS member is adopting the well-liked advertising strategy of participating in dance competitions alongside other K-pop celebrities. J-Hope launched the challenge individually at initially, but has now enlisted the help of other musicians.


"A touching two-shot taking place #on the street," the caption reads. Jimin, who has always supported J-Hope, was the first participant in the challenge.



The 'SOPE' agenda was kept alive by Member SUGA, who said, "The direction Hobi and SUGA are headed is where we will look at jointly."

NewJeans’ Minji and Hyein


"Walking on the street with Hope-Jeans," they say. Before, Minji and Hanni appeared in BTS' "License to Dance," and now Minji and Hyein took part in the dancing competition!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Yeonjun and Huening Kai

Another video started with the words "With my joyful younger brothers from tomorrow x together who I met while I was wandering about." The two sides expressed their gratitude in the video.

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