SRK on Boycott Pathaan

SRK Breaks Silence On Boycott Pathaan

A few days after the movie Pathaan was released, Shah Rukh Khan, aka SRK, appeared to address the boycott requests. When the actor mentioned wanting to convey a message to the public during a Monday media interview, he was discussing the film’s popularity. While filmmakers produce both good and awful work, he claimed that their sole goal is to amuse.

Shah Rukh stated, “Main ek baat bolna chahunga jo bahut important hai. We make films to spread happiness and joy. We make mistakes, good or bad, but to be honest, our motive behind making films is quite clear. We want to spread happiness, love, kindness, and brotherhood, even if I am playing a bad guy. None of us are bad; we are all playing characters to make you happy.”

In the movie, nothing we say is meant to offend someone or damage their feelings. Simply said, it is for fun. We make jokes and show our love for one another. Leave the fun and entertainment at that tabka. You shouldn’t take it seriously. Deepika Padukone is Amar, and she is here. Main Anthony hail, major John hail, main Akbar hail, main Shah Rukh Khan hail (I am Shah Rukh Khan, I am Akbar and this is John who is Anthony). Amar, Akbar, and Anthony are what define film, after all. There are no distinctions between any of us and anybody else, any culture, or any part of life. Because we care about you, we made this movie, he said.

Nothing is more rewarding than the support we receive for our movies. We need to ensure that this nation absorbs our culture and our ancient tales. The actor continued, “We have to recount the tale in contemporary ways, and when we tell those stories, there is no way we are mocking anybody.

After the song “Besharam Rang” was released, Pathaan received demands for a boycott. Protests also started erupting in a few locations a few days before to the publication. Fortunately, the protests subsided when PM Narendra Modi issued a warning to fringe organisations not to disrupt newly released films in the future.

In just five days, the global gross for Pathaan exceeded the enormous Rs 500 crore threshold. During its first weekend, the movie also broke a number of records.


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