BTS Indian Tour In Mumbai Could Have Happened!? BTS Proof Awaited Desperately By Desi Armys!

BTS Indian Tour in Mumbai Could become a Reality Soon? Let us see what septet has to say about it..

Desi army was fully excited about the BTS India concert and everyone just had one question when is bts coming to India 2022?

We have some clarity for the same from Septet let us check it out

BTS have been paving the way and making their fans across the world proud of them in several beautiful ways. From giving their fans memories of a lifetime during their tour stages to making the world a better place to live in for their Armys with taking a stand for equal cultural representation and social causes.

Recently, they became the talk of the universe as the 21st century pop icons visited the White House (Oval Office) to discuss diversity, anti-Asian crimes and what equality even in diversity actually means, and other related issues with President of the United States Joe Biden. It was indeed, a moment of supreme pride and absolute joy for each and every ARMY in the world.

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While a lot has happened, the news that is making Desi Armys go wild is the fact that BTS had actually thought of stopping at Mumbai, India as a part of their dope Map Of The Seoul Tour. In one of the clips from their recently released, Spotify playlist special message, the group stated how it was quite a setback to not have been able to go to never before seen cities, that was part of their Map of the Seoul Tour, that got canceled due to Covid 19. Mumbai was casually mentioned by RM who was listing out which parts of the world they were excited to have seen and make new memories with armys.

Well, it isn’t unknown how the group is very, very popular in India and how much the Indian Armys have waited for their idols to make a visit here. However, all hope’s not lost as their new comeback might just prove to be their first time in Mumbai, India as a stop for their tour dates! Are You Excited Armys?!!! We Absolutely Are!

Currently, the septet are gearing up for their next release BTS Proof, an anthology album, which contains 9 years of history since their debut on June 10th. The track list of the new album was released on the 9th and 11th, and the ‘Proof of Inspiration’ content containing the storytelling of the b-side songs was released on the 17th and 23rd. The video ‘Proof of Inspiration’, produced using a collage technique based on photos, handwriting, and narration taken by the seven members, as well as the songs in the album consisting of a total of 3 CDs, conveys the meaning of ‘Proof’ more vividly.

BTS Indian Tour

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Let us Know how much Excited are you for BTS Indian Tour?? What do you think is BTS coming to India in 2023?


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