BTS Jimin Pens Down Note For ARMY After A Long Time; Promises To Visit ARMY Often!

K-pop sensation BTS is back in South Korea from the White House after meeting the US president Joe Biden. After returning BTS member Jimin after a long time has written a note for the BTS ARMY where he sounds disappointed with himself and apologizes ARMY and also assures them that he will visit them more often. He felt that he made his fans feel worried.

Jimin took to the Weverse platform to post his note for the ARMY and expressed that he feels inexperienced. The English version of the note translated from the Korean language reads, “ARMY, you all, this is Jimin. You all have been doing well right? This time we visited the US. You’re probably going to be well aware of what event we took part in. Making us feel thankful and feel honored for the fact that there are you all ARMYs from diverse races, countries, and cultures.. we were able to represent you all and amplify your voices by taking part in this event.”

He further added, “Only, I wondered that I, who went there to represent you all, is still a lot inexperienced. I feel sorry for making you feel worried about my lack of experience (at times). In the future too, I’ll put effort to become more mature in order to avoid making (you guys) feel anxious/worried (at times).”
Concluding on a positive note he said, “I believe you all must be worried as I don’t visit (you guys) as frequently these days, I’ll come (visit you all) often. I miss you always, ARMY.”

As soon as the note was shared on the platform, ARMY flooded Weverse with their reactions and emotional messages. One of the fans wrote, “Dearest Jiminie, our love for you is unconditional love. We love the way you are, we truly appreciate everything. When we express our longing heart pls accept it, but don’t be sorry, it’s hurt my heart. As long as you’re safe and okay, that’s the best news for us.” while the other one wrote, “Jimin we are so proud of you, you have no need to apologize, you did great, we missed you a lot, love you, he is so precious and sweetest how to give him the universe.”

BTS stars discussed important issues of anti-Asian hate crimes, Asian inclusion, and diversity with US president Joe Biden at the White House. Jimin in his statement said, “We were devastated by the recent surge of hate crimes, including Asian-American hate crimes. To put a stop to this and support the cause, we’d like to take this opportunity to voice ourselves once again.”


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