Deepika Padukone Express Desire To Have Therapist On The Film Set; An Idea Filmmakers Should Give A Thought To!

The Mastani of Bollywood Deepika Padukone is a personality who is upfront and expresses her opinions fearlessly. The actress speaks her heart out about anything and everything she feels. She has a massive fan following across the social media platforms and keeps her fans updated on what she is doing in life. 

Deepika has several times shared posts on social media that are related to well being mental health especially when the Covid pandemic was at its peak in the nation and there was negativity all around. 

Recently, during one of the media interactions, the diva spoke about the portrayal of mental health in Indian films. When she was asked how much further does she think we need to go in terms of a more thorough portrayal of mental health in Indian cinema? And how will we get there?  Deepika answered, With “understanding and empathy”. 

to further explain she stated, that if any actor is essaying a character with a physical ailment, for instance, they supposedly do their research and be meticulous in order to understand exactly how to display their condition. The same treatment needs to be extended to mental illnesses. According to her the actors, writers, and directors needs to play a major role in the same. She said, “We should afford the same honesty and authenticity to characters with mental illnesses as we do to biopics.” 

Later, the actress sharing her own experience suggested that there should be a therapist on the sets of the film and said, “We have a doctor on set, so I don’t see why we can’t have a mental health professional too. During Chhapaak (2020), I brought on a therapist for myself because there were days where I would have a panic attack or feel claustrophobic.”

 Deepika also expressed that she is willing to accept any credit that is given to her for bringing a change in the mainstream Indian film industry. she was praised for recent films that are portraying mental health sensitively and taking women characters more gravely. 

The film industry is very volatile and there are different scales of work for actors, writers, directors, etc everyone has a very hectic schedules and busy lifestyle. Speaking specifically about actors, they have to face a lot of good and bad things on social media which affects their mental health. And talking in general every person today is going through something and facing problems in life but everyone’s way of dealing with it is different. Though to a certain extent, things have changed when it comes to stress, depression, and mental health yet a lot has to be changed. Not only film sets should have a therapist but should have a therapist for everyone working in different work domains. 


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