The wild card entry Vinit Kakar is eliminated from Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’

The wild card entry Vinit Kakar is eliminated from Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Lock Upp’

Kangana Ranaut’s fearless reality show ‘Lock Upp’ is a reality show of its type, with its unique format filled with many twists and turns. Yet, more twists came in when Vinit Kakar was eliminated from the show.

‘Lock Upp’ is one of the most highly viewed shows on OTT since its launch. The show has been an epicentre of many controversies with its exciting format. The show has introduced the contestants to a real hustle to survive in the adverse conditions and those who couldn’t have to face the elimination.

This time, Vinit Kakar is the next contestant eliminated from the show. Vinit had entered the show in the outfit of a doctor.

While his journey has a lot of ups and downs, he once made a statement about finding his place in the show, saying, “When I entered the show, I noticed people already have a strong bond, but I tried to create my own bond”.

However, later he was asked by Kangana whether he was here to play the game or make relationships. On his performance in the show, the host often said, “Eat, Sleep, Repeat that’s you Vinit, your performance is really bad in the jail”.

Vinit was a contestant at the bottom of the chargesheet. Moreover, when asked to take the name of the weakest contestant in the show, he was seen taking up his name to which Kangana replied, “You should kick yourself.”

According to Saisha Shinde, Vinit enjoys the free meals in the game because he is the weakest contestant and doesn’t take a stand for himself.

Moreover, Ali Merchant also took Vinit’s name because he thinks he entered as a strong wild card entry, and he has to make a good connection with other Kaidis, but he doesn’t get involved much.

Munawar Faruqui also thinks that Vinit is stubborn and takes a lot of time to sort things out with other Kaidis.

However, Zeeshan Khan was seen taking up Vinit’s side as he thinks that Vinit seems lost at times, but he deserves one chance to perform, and there is a lot for him to do.

ALTBalaji and MX Player live-stream Lock Upp 24×7 on their respective platforms and allow audiences to interact directly with the contestants. Stay tuned to ALTBalaji & MX Player for more updates on the show.

‘Lock Upp’ started streaming live on ALTBalaji & MX Player from 27th February 2022.

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