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EXCLUSIVE: Geetika Vidya Shares About her Experience with an Audible Original Psycho Saiyaan

Geetika Vidya shares about her experience with an audible original in an interview. Let’s have a look at that!

About the show:
Audible presents Psycho Saiyaan, an Audible Original, starring Gopal Datt and Geetika Vidya. When criminal lawyer, Jagdish, takes it as his mission to bring Satyam, a psychopathic predator who raped and killed at least twenty women, to justice, Satyam’s sole survivor, Chhaya, emerges from the shadows.

While Satyam’s gruesome killings are revealed, Chhaya is reluctant to testify against Satyam, re-opening such a painful memory and revealing her past to her husband and daughter who have no idea what she has gone through at the hands of Satyam. Satyam is ruthless, intelligent and very capable of escaping justice.

Jagdish knows that Chhaya is the only one who can stop Satyam. He must convince her or a cold-blooded killer will walk free. Psycho Saiyaan is a crime thriller and courtroom drama that weaves a tale of deceit and betrayal, examining the mind of a predator who killed innocent women and is ready to kill more if he is not brought to justice for his crimes.

Now let’s dive into the interaction we had with Geetika Vidya:

How was your experience with the procedure of audio show? Is it hectic or more easier?

Geetika – “I would say it is easier in terms of focused to be more on emotions than hitting the point or being mindful of the camera or the number of retakes one has to give. Because primarily my experience has been with stage performances or screen.

So stage allows you to flow with it. When one works in fronts of camera, one has to give takes after takes. An audio show is way more comfortable and very focused in nature. Execution was faster than video.”

Tell us some more about your character in the show?

Geetika – “The character that I’m responsible for is Chhaya. We see Chhaya as an ordinary woman. Chhaya has been written very sensibly by all the writers. They also made creative inputs throughout.

So Chhaya is living with her husband and she has a daughter in a stable marriage in the outskirts of a city. One would not accept a women of a rebellious nature who will put a legal case upside down. She is a representative of many women living with limited resources. However the writers transforms her into a beacon of strength.”

What made you say yes to this audio show or were you already interested in this medium?

“I have been a story lover since childhood. I was raised up in Haryana so I used to read small booklets like Champak and other story books. My aunt and Grandmother used to narrate bedtime stories to me. When I grew up, I became a literature student but stories were still a part of my life.

Later on, I had many stories to tell but I had no one to listen to. Also I realised that I was ready as a listener but I had no one to narrate. Few years ago I discovered audible by myself and listened to various stories and allowed my imagination to flow. Audible is a visual medium where everything is given to us to imagine.

When Mr Rajiv contacted me for the role of Chhaya I was very happy. Because audible has acquired a great goodwill. And I have been a good listener too. So I was very glad that I have been contacted for this. And I would love to look forward for some more content just like this”

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