Radhe Shyam

Radhe Shyam Review: Acoustic Lifestory through Beautiful Journey; Prabhas & Pooja Hegde’s Fairytale Romance Is a True Eyesight

The amazing screen presence by leads, unskippable sceneries from foreign countries & a beautiful love story! Prabhas & Pooja Hegde’s Radhe Shyam is an actual eye-sight.

Another one of the most awaited Bollywood venture, Radhe Shyam has finally arrived & has amazed the audiences with acoustic cinematography. It recalls the lost & pure love stories in the industry & reframe the defination of love with the amazing title given to it.

Prabhas Starrer 'Radhe Shyam' Makers Announce A Special Trailer Ahead Of  The Film's Release

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Vikram Aditya (Prabhas) is a world famous palmist who’s known for his future predictions which never came false, neither once. He was the one who predicted emergency in India back then and due to the true prediction India closed its door for him forever. On the other hand Prerna is a younge Doctor who’s fearless, daydreamer & ambitious.

She has everything that an inspiring lady has except her deadly rare dieseas which doesn’t have any cure in the medical science. Palmist Vikram Aditya has always been on his never ending journey of exploring people & places and at a point he met Prerna who’s stuck just like her Life line on her hand, while Vikram Aditya also lacked one line on his hand, the love line!

Radhe Shyam Craze Literally 'Breaks The Internet' As Servers Get Crashed  Due Its Latest Trailer

Their journey between love & life, luck & future is the story we look for during the second half of the film. Cinematically the movie exceeds the needed content & explores unwanted parts of the story. On the other hand direction of photography has been the best part to watch for.

On the acting front, Prabhas pulls it off with his amazing stage presence but falls apart in the Hindi accent & dialogue delivery just like his previous Sahoo with Shraddha Kapoor. While Pooja Hegde finely controls the sweetness in her character & fulfil the need of strong lead against Vikram Aditya.

Pooja to stun audience in Radhe Shyam!

All over Radhe Shyam will surely make people fall for it with the climax scenes but it has something lost in between and might not fulfil the expectations. For the fans of Prabhas it’s definitely would be a greet.

Rating: 3/5

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