Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel Is Under Fire For Comparing Famous BTS to Covid-19, But Does This Make Him Racist?

In an interview with Ashley Park, Jimmy Kimmel is under fire for comparing BTS with Covid-19.

Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel Is Under Fire For Comparing BTS to Covid-19

Recently, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel invited the guest actor Ashley Park who spoke about singing BTS’ Dynamite on her show Emily in Paris.

In the show, Jimmy Kimmel talked about  BTS appearing on his show. He said:

You sang a BTS song on the show and I wonder what the fallout from something like that is because I know that. We have had BTS on our show and people are absolutely their fans, like they will camp out, and they are probably out in the parking lot, waiting for the next time they come on. They are absolutely crazed for these guys. You have to be careful with an ARMY because they could attack. 

To this Ashley said that she is ARMY and Jimmy replied, “Then you won’t get attacked.”

Recently, in Emily in Paris, Ashley had sung the track Dynamite dressed as half man and half woman. 

Ashley park also talked about how she performed to Dynamite and it was shared by BTS members RM and V on their Instagram accounts.

She revealed that at the same time her body felt different and she thought she was going into shock. However, she said that after getting tested she was diagnosed with the Omicron variant of Covid-19.

To this, Jimmy said:

“Thought it was BTS fever? Oh, they are both are very dangerous. You are lucky to come out of those alive.”

Jimmy’s this comparing BTS with Covid-19 made ARMY’s got angry and he received a severe backlash for the same. Here are some of the tweets.

  • One of the ARMY commented  “The audacity to say that about an Asian artist in front of an Asian woman. @jimmykimmel really compared BTS to COVID in the year 2022 and amidst all the anti-Asian hate.”
  • Another fan tweeted, “Could have said the flu. But had to say COVID? in the middle of the pandemic in 2022 🙂 whyyy?”
  • “It’s time to lower his show rating. We know what to do ARMYs!! It’s already 2.1 rating with begin !!! #jimmykimmel.” “Better no interaction. From me still nooo to JKCorden and NOOO for @jimmykimmel forever. I don’t f ***** like their jokes,” tweeted another fan.

To be honest I don’t understand why ARMY’s are backlashing over the comment Jimmy made why can’t ARMY take it in a positive way? Jimmy might have complimented BTS through this comment. For example, ARMY usually say” BTS are killing us” Does this mean they are really killing us? Does this make us racist? Jimmy might have to say that “BTS FEVER” as BTS Craz is very dangerous and yes it is as BTS makes us crazy over them and we feel like we are dead. And they are very dangerous for our hearts!!

Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel Is Under Fire For Comparing BTS to Covid-19

It a really high time for all of us ARMY to grow up and take some of the comments in a positive way. It’s not always if someone makes an ironic statement are racist there might be a positive side too. As an Army, I think we ARMY need to change our point of view and take some of the comments in a positive way rather than backlashing because we are BTS ARMY and BTS has thought us to take things in a positive way.

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