This Plant Prevent Covid from penetrating in Human Cells as Per Scientists, Will this End Covid , Know Below :

Covid treatment plant

Scientists are claiming that cannabis can offer protection against Covid-19 in a surprising new development.

During a laboratory study that was later published in the Journal of Nature Products, cannabis compounds prevented the virus that causes Coronavirus from penetrating healthy human cells.

In the times of corona and omicron the Omicron is so dangerous that Those who are recovering from Omicron at home should regularly monitor their vital parameters like blood oxygen, pulse rate, and blood pressure. Oxygen saturation should always be 94 or above and the blood pressure should also be normal.

This is the tweet related to plant

Taking care of health is very important in such time , we need to be very aware of our health and take all the precautions necessary to protect ourselves from the virus. To protect us from covid this plant will help us .

The study didn’t involve giving the supplements to people or comparing infection rates in those who use the compounds to those who don’t, so smoking cannabis to combat Covid is not what the scientists unearthed.

People are familiar with the compound THC, the cannabinoid that gets people high, and also CBD, the extracted cannabinoid used in oils to help ease anxiety. Neither are the compounds this study refers to.

To protect the people from viruses like Coronavirus and Omicron in delhi there have been made rules which people are supposed to follow in order to prevent the spread of virus.

People need to now strictly follow covid rules like wearing masks , using sanitizers, maintain social distancing, not go out of house unless it is absolutely necessary, take regular covid taste and take vaccination as fast as possible.

This plant will finally help us in completely ending covid along with our other efforts . Scientists took two chemicals from the plant .

The two extracted chemicals from the plant were found to be not only effective against Covid, but also against the subsequent variants of the virus, Alpha and Beta, which may suggest that this study may prove life changing in the future fight against developing mutated strains.


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