After Omicron Recovering Not Following these 3 Precautions can be Deadly :

Omicron recovery take 3 Precautions

By chaitanya jain
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After Omicron Recovering  Not Following these 3 Precautions can be Deadly :


A study from the UK has found that a third dose of vaccine can provide up to 88 per cent protection against hospitalisation from infection by the Omicron variant.

To protect the people from viruses like Coronavirus and Omicron in delhi there have been made rules which people are supposed to follow in order to prevent the spread of virus.

People need to now strictly follow covid rules like wearing masks , using sanitizers, maintain social distancing, not go out of house unless it is absolutely necessary, take regular covid taste and take vaccination as fast as possible.


Since the infections of Omicron so far have been mild, the majority of the patients were asked to home isolate. Only around 5 % of those infected so far needed hospitalisation. "Similar to the first and second waves, COVID-19 patients who are elderly, those who have obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic kidney disease, COPD, HIV, those undergone organ transplant, etc are at the risk of developing severe illness and needs hospitalisation.

Most of those getting hospitalised with Omicron are also unvaccinated," The Doctor expert in Omicron said.The recovery time for Omicron patients is also less compared to Delta and other variants of COVID-19."

The recovery time for non-hospitalised patients in Delta was anywhere between 10-14 days. But in Omicron it is 7-10 days," Dr Deswal said.Recent studies have shown that around 20-30% per cent of COVID-19 recovered are developing diabetes.

So it is advisable to get the blood sugar levels checked once every three months. Those who are recovering from Omicron at home should regularly monitor their vital parameters like blood oxygen, pulse rate, and blood pressure.

Oxygen saturation should always be 94 or above and the blood pressure should also be normal. Taking care of health is very important in such time , we need to be very aware of our health and take all the precautions necessary to protect ourselves from the virus.

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