Box Office Report - 83, Spider Man No Way Home And Pushpa Continues To Hold Well Despite Restrictions

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Despite restrictions, Ranveer Singh starrer 83, Spider Man No Way Home and Pushpa held well on Wednesday at the box office


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After a solid second weekend collection the Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Pankaj Tripathi starrer 83 dropped on its 3rd Monday. Directed by Kabir Khan, 83 and produced by Reliance Entertainment, Phantom Films and Kabir Khan Films Production, 83 opened on a low note and managed to stay on below-than-expected collections in first week with Rs 71.87 crore

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The good news was that 83 did not face any competition last week due to Shahid Kapoor starrer Jersey getting postponed and similar situation will arise as RRR has been delayed as well. The cricket biopic drama minted Rs 4.36 crore but got a solid boost on second Saturday and second Sunday with Rs 7.73 crore and Rs 7.31 crore. There was a huge crash on 2nd Monday with Rs 2 crore but held well on Tuesday with Rs 1.62 crore. As per early trade report, 83 got benefitted from premium multiplexes with Rs 1.40-1.50 crore, bringing the 13 days total to around Rs 96.30-96.50 crore and might be touching the 100 crore which is still low due to the huge budget close to Rs 200 crore and restrictions due to rising COVID-19 cases and limited occupancy, 83 has dim chances to cross its budget.


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Spider Man No Way Home, has done a fabulous business with Rs 148.07 crores in the 8-day extended first week. The super hero drama held well on its second week with Rs 41.60 crore. The latest Spider Man flick held well on third Friday due to less competition with Rs 3 crore and minted Rs 4.92 crore on third Saturday while third Sunday was Rs 4.75 crore but dropped heavily on 3rd Monday with Rs 1.39 crore. The relief was that the multi-verse drama held well on third Tuesday with Rs 1.2 crore. As per early trade report, Spider Man No Way Home held well to somewhere between Rs 1-1.10 crore, bringing the 21 days total to around Rs 206 crore.

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Box Office Report – 83, Spider Man No Way Home And Pushpa Holds Well

The Allu Arjun and Fahad Faasil starrer Pushpa had shattered all the box office records as it collected an outstanding Rs 26.95 crore in its first week followed by Rs 20.24 crore in the second week in the Hindi version. The action drama did well on its third Friday with an amazing Rs 3.50 crore. Due to its mass appeal, Pushpa doubled its collection on third Saturday with Rs 6.10 crore and third Sunday with Rs 6.25 crore but dropped on 3rd Monday with Rs 3.8 crore. It held well on 3rd Tuesday with Rs 2.50 crore while the action drama collected Rs 2 crore on third Wednesday, bringing the 20 days total to around 70.50 crore.

Pushpa had also crossed its budget which was Rs 180 crore as it collected Rs 186.72 crore in all languages from around 3000 screens across India.

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