Miracle : 2 Months Old Baby Who Stopped Breathing was Saved By a TSA Agent :

Baby was saved by TSA officer

Because of the Great Work done by TSA officer which is transportation security administration officer’s quick wit that a baby was saved on time .

There are certain people who will have a heart of gold . In this life you never know which problem you can face and you may need help at any point of time . An emergency situation can come any time when you will need the help of any person .

In such time only those people who have a golden heart will come to help and first of all you are lucky if you have people around you who and you are even more lucky if in this emergency situation you have people around you who have the knowledge of how to solve the problem and help you.

One such moment happened recently when at an airport a woman saw that her baby has stopped breathing and image the panic and heart attack she must have had in that situation. She is at the airport, there is no doctor, near , hospital is not near and if she doesn’t do anything quick then her baby can die .

This officer who is being hailed as a hero is named Cecilia Morales. She jumped into action while working at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey when the mother realised her 2-month-old son had stopped breathing while they waited to cross the security checkpoint.

When the baby stopped breathing at the airport, it created panic and the mother was seen screaming for help from fellow travellers and staff. However, once alerted to the situation, Morales shouted instructions at the mother who tried to save her baby, but Morales quickly realised she would need to get involved.

This is the tweet in which the action of the officer is shown that how she did take actions quickly and made the impossible possible.https://twitter.com/TSA_Northeast/status/1474009945452564481?t=G5LHsmdU0Cf8kN18XH0C4w&s=19

The Officer said “She was so nervous and I knew if I didn’t get over there, it wasn’t going to be a good outcome,” Morales, a former EMT, said in a statement. “I jumped over the checkpoint conveyor belt rollers and she gave me the baby. I performed the infant Heimlich manoeuvre on him.”

After which they waited for the oxygen to come and gave the baby oxygen when the situation was under control. The scary thing is that she had performed the practice many times on adults and children but she had never performed it on infant but it is good that she was able to do it and she saved the baby’s life .

Two months on the job and she’s literally a life-saver,” said Thomas Carter, TSA’s Federal Security Director for New Jersey. “Officer Morales’s quick reaction and actions helped ensure that this family will have a happy holiday season. Her actions were inspiring.”


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