Are Cloth Masks Effective To Fight Omicron , The No 1 Deadly Virus,Know More :

Cloth masks bad to save Omicron

Cloth Masks can be either really effective or absolutely terrible, depending on the quality of cloth . Double or triple layer cloth can be helpful .

Omicron is causing people to worry once again . This coronavirus pandemic seems to not end soon . As we thought that corona virus is ending as people are getting vaccinated, so now a new virus named Omicron has came in order to take our lives in risk .

Omicron is expected to be as deadly and dangerous as coronavirus if not less. According to greenhalgh The scientists is doing research on the virus and finding ways we can protect ourselves from it . He is a professor in Oxford and is a reliable person when it comes to information related to viruses. We will see what he has to say about the viruses.

He says that cloth masks are very unpredictable as they are of different varieties, different clothings, they are made with different intentions. Some are made with the intention of looking good and with the aim of being fashionable whereas some are made with the intention of stopping the virus with the help of mask.

So according to him if a mask is made up of 2-3 layers of cloth with different fabric then it can be very effective. But in most of the cases the masks are made for fashion sense and are made in order to look fashionable.

If the masks do not have 2-3 layers then they are not useful and are in fact terrible to stop the lethal Omicron virus . The Main issue with cloth masks are that they don’t have any clothing standard whereas N95 have to ensure that it filters 95% of particles .

In spite of all this good filtration is useless if your mask does not cover your nose and mouth . You also need to be able to breath easily in the mask otherwise people will either not wear it or even if they wear it they will keep it low and not cover their mouth and that is as useless as wearing a mask.

And the problem is that the single layer masks do not have filter at all and are as futile as not wearing the masks . So the best thing one can do is not wear cloth masks and wear branded masks from medical.

So wear good quality masks and stay safe. Get vaccinated wear quality masks and be happy


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