Only Vaccinated People allowed in Haryana Malls and No Salary In Punjab without Vaccination Certificate from Jan 1:

Vaccinated people only have rights in states

Haryana Health Minister Feels That vaccinated people should only be allowed in malls such measures will help us to stop covid among people and also help us in the long battle against Omicron.

India is facing a lot of problems due to covid . There have also been seen 125 new cases in delhi in one day which is the highest from the past 6 months .

Such increase in the number of covid cases is not a good news for our health department. Increase in cases if we have to prevent then we will have to impose lockdown and lockdown will lead to the downfall of economy and jobs in the country .

This increase in cases of Delhi and the cancellation of new year as well as Christmas celebration in delhi has happened . Covid Cases have to stopped by doing prevention by maks and using sanitizers.

India has reported around 210 omicron case switch the highest being from Delhi and in Haryana from now on people will not be allowed in malls , restaurants, banks , and offices are going to start from January 1.

From January 1 there will no entry for people who are not vaccinated anywhere . The minister said haryana is working to make itself self sufficient when it comes to covid oxygen supply.

A sudden jump in oxygen demand during second wave this year has lead to shortage across the country. Omicron is a big concern as scientists are still not able to find its characteristics and structure .

So because of this the vaccine for omicron will be different and scientists have not been able to find it . He have to take precautions quickly otherwise this omicron virus will also spread and people will be troubled because of it and just like covid it is also a deadly virus .

In Punjab one can be fully vaccinated or vaccinated only with the first dose but he still has to submit the vaccination certificate which will show that the person is vaccinated and then only they will get their salaries.

The giving of such warning is crucial for the Punjab government as the state also has to deal with the Omicron virus and people have to be alert and take responsible actions in order to take care of their health and wellbeing.

The Vaccination certificate has to be uploaded on the iHRMS website. Which is the human resource management system. The software gives payments to the particular account and is very efficient and effective.


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