‘See You In Seoul’ Says BTS As They Wrap Up Their LA Concert, ARMY And BTS Celebrate Jin’s Birthday Together.

BTS wrapped up their four day concert line up in LA on December 2. This was the group’s first ever in person concert in two years since Covid 19 outbreak across the world and both BTS and ARMY made sure to make it a memorable one. After finishing their concert on day four in LA, BTS announced that they will see the ARMYs in Seoul in March 2022 without revealing any specific date or concert line up. The announcement was made through BTS’ official twitter handle.
See you in seoul, March 2022
PTD On Stage In Seoul
The social media announcement read.

While ARMYs were elated to learn about more BTS’ in person performances, some ARMYs also switched on their detective modes to present a possible album theory. The ARMYs believe that BTS will be dropping their new album around January-February next year.


Coming back to the last day of LA concert, ARMY had a surprise planned for Jin’s 29th birthday. Though Jin will be celebrating his 29th birthday on December 4, ARMYs surprised him with his birthday project called ‘Moon Project’. Through the Moon Project ARMYs covered their ARMY Bombs with black cardboards and made it look like moon as a tribute to Jin’s solo song Moon where he called himself the Moon and referred to ARMYs as his earth. The song is close to both Jin’s and ARMYs hearts as the song carries a heartfelt meaning. Jin sings in his song that he is just a moon who circles the earth i.e the ARMYs. Apart from the Moon Project, ARMYs also held out plac cards with Jin written inside a red heart. His fellow band members along with ARMYs sang happy birthday for him that made Jin emotional.

While thanking the fans for their special birthday surprise Jin said he sure did expect a birthday surprise from ARMYs and they didn’t let him down.

All said and done, BTS’ first in person concert after Covid was a mega hit. The Kpop septate preformed four concerts in a fully pack stadium with over three lakh ARMYs attending and cheering for them and there seems to be a huge possibility of BTS soon announcing a world tour.


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