Agra:The Tea Seller Triloki invents engine, works on Wind; Have a look on it!

Triloki Prasad the name of the resident of Fatehpur Sikri in Agra. Who lives by selling tea and by repairing the bicycle invents engine which runs on the wind.

A residents of Fatehpur Sikri (Agra), who sells tea and repair bicycle had has innovated an engine that runs on the wind .

Triloki Prasad the name of the resident of Fatehpur Sikri in Agra. Who lives by selling tea and by repairing the bicycle.

And now innovated an engine that runs on wind power.

Agra: Triloki invents engine

Triloki told to the ‘India Today’- “This engine can get fit in any vehicle. Only the engine have to redesign to fut in cars and other automobile. Due to this the pollution will decrease in a large proportion.”

According to Triloki, the pneumatic engine can drive anything from a two-wheeler to a train. Only the engine’s shape has to be changed as per the requirements of the vehicle.

While speaking to the ‘India Today’, Triloki said- ” This is a result of 15 years of hard work. Fifteen years ago, he used to repair punctures on tyres.

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One day, the valve of the air tank leaked while filling the air in the punctured tube, and the engine of the tank started running in reverse due to the air pressure. That’s when Triloki decided to put the power of the air to use in an engine.

An idea that started with trying to reduce the cost of filling air in the tank finally transformed into a full-fledged automotive engine.

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“Among their friends, he is only a graduate person and the rest of his friends had not even studied till class 10,”Said Triloki’s partner Santosh Chahar.

Adding to this he said- “The team made two bellows shaped like human lungs and installed them into the machine. By turning a lever, the bellows started creating air pressure, after which the engine started drawing and pumping air by itself, just like human lungs.”

Santosh said- “Their unit was built on a Lister engine, whose parts require a lubricant to reduce friction. However, unlike petrol-diesel engines, the lubricant oil in this unit neither gets hot nor turns black.”

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According to Triloki, “This machine by selling his inherited house and farm. In 2019, the friends applied for a patent with the National Skill Development Corporation in Delhi, but at that time this engine could not start.”

Triloki and his team finally achieved success in operating the engine on Diwali and are now reapplying for the patent.

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