Personal Hygiene

Why Towels Are The Most Overlooked Personal Hygiene Product? Know More

Here's why towels are the most preferred product for personal hygiene

When it comes to personal hygiene, there is no such thing as too much personal hygiene.

This is especially true in the new normal since we can never be too sure of our health and safety owing to hygiene and socially distanced-related concerns. Even otherwise, in an increasingly urban setting – where we end up interacting with dozens of people throughout the day – it is important to be proactive towards effective personal hygiene.

Interestingly, while we have incorporated frequent hand washing and sanitizing into our daily habits, keeping a clean towel handy with us at all times of the day is not something most of us do. However, this can go a long way in ensuring good hygiene since unlike a tissue paper or cotton handkerchief, a towel offers high absorbency, can be useful in high-intensity environments, and offers physiological comfort that no other alternative can offer.

Personal Hygiene

Let us look at some of the daily routine situations that end up becoming high interaction points which demand that we have the right towel handy. There are also some basic towel care and maintenance tips that you must consider.

High interaction points through the day

  • Gyms and locker rooms

As hybrid or work from home becomes the new normal, stepping out for workouts has become the morning routine. And needless to say, gyms and other workout areas tend to be adequately populated if not crowded. Even if you choose to minimize your interactions, chances are you are still in close physical proximity of others for extended hours in an air-conditioned environment with no ventilation.

In such a scenario, a gym towel or a hand towel can be extremely useful in wiping off equipment and so on.

  • Elevators

Now there is no avoiding this. Whether you are staying back at home or going to the office, there is little avoiding the elevators; after all, you can’t always take the stairs, especially when you are carrying weight with you. And given how crowded our cities are, you are likely to have someone for company at least half the times that you take an elevator.

A hand towel can be put to good use in such a situation if the other person doesn’t have a mask on or is uncomfortable wearing a mask due to health reasons. You can lend them your hand towel to cover their mouth and ensure your safety. Unlike a handkerchief, a hand towel is likely to provide more protection for that short duration but high proximity situation.

  • Salons

Going to a salon for a hair trim or to get some personal grooming done cannot be avoided for too long. However, with many people now breaking safety and hygiene protocols, you might find yourself at additional risk.  In such a situation, it is best to carry your own sanitizer and ensure grooming accessories are sanitized right in front of your eyes. Additionally, you may want to carry your own bath-sized towels for usage during treatment. This way, you can feel safer and more confident rather than opting for salon linen and towels being used at the salon.

Ensuring good towel hygiene

Just like your masks require proper maintenance for maximum effectiveness, towels too, are able to offer health and hygiene benefits when they are cared for properly. Hence, it is important to follow these best practices and avoid some common mistakes that people often make when it comes to caring for their towels.

  • Wash them regularly

If you wash your mask daily, and your handkerchief, can you truly see a reason why you shouldn’t wash your bath towel daily? If you are worried about how long they take to dry, you can simply opt for premium options by brands such as SPACES which offer a range of Quick Dry towels.

  • Don’t mix them

Just like you avoid washing your intimates with other people’s laundry, it is recommended that you wash your towels without mixing them up with other household towels or bath towels. This goes a long way in ensuring that you don’t pass on or catch infections.

  • Replace them frequently

Unlike other personal care linens, towels often go unnoticed and hence, unreplaced for extended periods of time. However, it is advisable to replace them depending on your usage frequency to ensure maximum effectiveness. A worn-out towel cannot serve as the best armor for your personal hygiene.


When it comes to personal hygiene, the good old towel, including a bath towel, hand towel, and gym towel, is a precious asset. However, it needs to be considered, utilized and maintained with tender loving care for a safe and hygienic experience.


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