Banita Sandhu
Exclusive Interview: “He’s One of The Best Actors I Know,” Banita Sandhu Unveils Bonding with Vicky Kaushal and Shoojit Sircar for Udham Singh

Exclusive Interview: “He’s One of The Best Actors I Know,” Banita Sandhu Unveils Bonding with Vicky Kaushal and Shoojit Sircar for Udham Singh

Banita Sandhu reveals bonding with Shoojit Sircar and her likeness with Historical period dramas.

“It was a dream come true,” Banita Sandhu who made her debut in Shoojit Sircar’s October opposite Varun Dhawan has shared screen with Vicky Kaushal in the recently released Udham Singh.

Banita plays role of Udham’s mute Punjabi beloved Reshma who doesn’t have any historical evidence of existence. In an exclusive interview Banita Sandhu explored her views and emotions on the movie and her bonds with Shoojit Sircar and Kaushal.

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How was it working alongside Vicky Kaushal as he is very keen analyst of his own characters, what was your experience?

Banita Sandhu
Vicky Kaushal as Udham Singh

It was a dream come true, he really is a master of his craft and I just learned so much from just watching him on sets and being able to have the opportunity to act with him and for me to have those moments on screen is something which carried me for the rest of my life like it was honestly an honor for me to work with him so I was really happy about that.

The movie is centered around Sardar Udham, but tell us more about your role and how crucial it was?

Banita Sandhu
Banita Sandhu as Reshma

She is quite vice in acting rather than I think about it she is deaf and muse. But she has a very unspoken bond with Udham in the film and I do feel like she keeps such re-freshness character when she kind of acts for poverties layers for the movie which I think is vice connecting with so many people despite a tale in screen time and she is a pure, innocent, sweet soul and his wonderful playing her and so is Udham on his scale when he plays the role so vow so we find dispensing of each other on side in the film yeah really it was rewarding experience.

As it is a historical drama, I wanted to know that were you always interested and curious about history and this whole subject?

Oh yeah! I always been fascinated with history and one thing which I have found kind of being I know it about during my time like in British educations done that when I study history especially colonial history, I feel like it’s so integral and substantial to learn not just in the terms of British history but world’s history and it really kind of explains the fact of society which we live in today and why the world is become what it’s become because of the empire that did for those hundred years.

I developed interest in history due to my grandparents and parents in this country where we face most of the atrocities, it’s not told something which I am passionate about because I feel like You can only learn from the mistakes from the past if people are aware about yeah and that’s how you move forward the society is to be acknowledged.

You know for example: – In Germany is essential for High School learning and they actually did but Why it’s not happening in UK? Why we are not learning about you know the British empire and everything related to it? So, I love history and I love learning about it but it’s the textbooks that have a long way to go being honest it is so influential how the population sees themselves in their density of the nation.

We talked about Vicky Kaushal but there’s one more name which many people want to work with, it’s shoojith sircar, how was working with him, how was his direction method and detailing the minute parts of the story?

Banita Sandhu

You know I have worked with Shoojit Sircar. I think it’s the third time I am working with him. He really is like a mentor. I would you know say yes to anything he would want me to do he is a master of his craft, he’s learned so much, he is good in every single department that he does.

Which is vice greater for an actor like even when it comes to acting a lot of people don’t know this but I would say Shoojit Sircar is one of the best actors I know he really makes the job easy for us for atleast I do speak for myself for me and he just makes the artist feel so safe he just makes us feel that we are in our own world doing our own things and it happens to be camera’s around which is why I guess it looks onscreen so offentic and natural and not forced to rehearse or accumulated in any way.

So, I wish to work with him, whatever we do together will come perfect. I have a soft corner for Shoojit Sircar in my life and career so I am very grateful to be a part of his film and his life.

Would you like to play more such roles in Historical dramas or biopics Or what would be your fav type of genre to work with?

So in terms of biopics, One biopic I really wanna play and really wanna do that is Princess Saphire Dilip Singh. So yeah, I am putting out in the universe to manifest right now the character that I heard off is of the teenager i.e., 14 to 15 to start with me from the very long time.

In the terms of genre’s specially in Hindi Cinema, I have done two roles and two kind of pieces to be honest like October and Udham are very different in terms of being honest but both of them have fabulous thoughts and stories which are good to be told and presented. I definitely do wanna experiment more and I feel like this time I have one day action genre done. Next time I would love to do a full-fledged action genre.

We got to know that producers were looking for theatrical release at first that eventually changed, but now when theaters reopened everywhere, do you think the decision could have changed?

I was not a part of the decision-making process and I trust the producers whole heartedly and amazing thing with prime is that we are reaching 240 countries international as well, it’s an incredible energy and I think we couldn’t pour a perfect place to plant it up. I mean it is a cinematic film but I think at the core level it is such a hard-hitting story what we watch in cinemas and have been a same impact.

So I am just grateful that we eventually are able to produce this movie which was waiting to be released from 2 years, before that we were gathering the love, gathering the people that are able to watch and it’s such easy accessibility to see prime where people watch these sitting in any corner of the world so yeah I am just grateful that people are able to watch the movie.


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