Volocopter readies to bring Electric Air Taxi to Rome By 2024, Have a look on it!

Rome Airport: Volocopter readies to bring the Electric Air Taxis in the cities by 2024 to improve the mobility and make the life easier.

Rome: Volocopter is ready to bring the Electric Air Taxes in the cities by 2024, for improve the Mobility and make easier the Urban life.

Volocopter is set to bring the Electric air taxis
Volocopter ready to bring the Electric Air Taxi by the year 2024.

Rome is the one of the first cities in Europe of bringing Urban Air Mobility service to their citizen with Volocopter.

The Paris committed to collaboration to bring electric air taxi in the city by the year 2024.

So, the citizens will able to go airborne for their taxi ride into the city centre.

Volocopter take Approach to UAM by developing a full ecosystem that connects the necessary components to offer electric flight cities.

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The German company is developer of portfollio of multicopter and fixed wings design that can be used for passenger and cargo transportation.

Christian Bauer, Cheif Commercial Officer of Volocopter says- “We have proven again and again that our aircraft are flying fully-scaled. Now, we are currently focusing on putting the UAM ecosystem in place in several cities, just like Rome, to host our fully electric mobility solutions upon certification.”

Marco Troncone, Chief Executive Officer at Aeroporti di Roma says; “We are proud to contribute to shaping the future in collaboration with Volocopter, one of the most advanced developers for this new type of aircraft and service: this partnership testifies to ADR’s commitment towards sustainability and innovation, as well as to our will to be pioneer in designing the smart mobility of the future upon these premises.”

Volocopter Electric Air Taxi

Adding to this he said- “The journey is one of the craft which takes off and land vertically and will take time around 15 minutes as compared to the car which takes around 45 minutes.”

He told to Reuters at Fiumicino, where the volocopter was showcasing the prototype. “The connection will be very swift and will be a silent journey and … the level of emissions will be zero.”

The initial cost of the ride will be around 150 euros ($175). The price will drop as the service will go mainstream.

The Chief Commercial Officer Christian Bauer said- ” The Volocopter founded in the year 2011 and now hopesto get a commercial Air License from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) within three years. So then we start operations.”

The Velocity will be exhibited at Fiumicino Airport from 27 to 30 October 2021 and Piazza San Silverstro in Rome, Italy from 02 to 04 November 2021.

Exhibition of Volocity
Exhibition of Electric Air Taxi

These exhibition will help the public to learn about the electric air taxis and how this electric taxi will improve Mobility of Urban Life and experiencing it by sitting in the Velocity.

See the tweet:

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