Viral video: Man Cook ‘Invisible Pizza’ Recipe goes viral in social media, see netizens reactions!

The YouTube Vlogger Michael Ligier shared recipe of "Invisible Pizza" in YouTube shorts, goes viral on the social sites. see the media reactions on it.

This video of ‘Invisible Pizza’ has gone crazily viral on social media. The got a lot of attention from the social media users to this unique Invisible Pizza.

Every single day we able to find many viral video news and video on the social media sites. Either it would be of foods or showcasing some others things. Something always gets viral on the social sites.

Viral video is never ending topic and endless list of viral. Many videos are experimental, some are tutorial and some get viral. Adding to this, the new video has come to meet you which is already storming in the internet. The video showcasing the unbelievable things that is ‘Invisible Pizza’.

Melted cheese, topped with oregano, chilli flakes, and with more cheese. Something like this is always comes in your mind when we think about pizza. But the vlogger Michael Ligier will surely surprised you by the recipe.

Have you eat something like ‘Invisible Pizza’? Yess… You heard right! I think your answer will No…

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The vlogger Michael Ligier shared his super surprising recipe on his Instagram page.

The clip was also featured on YouTube’s official Instagram page and has now gone viral.

If you are a foodie person or who loves the food fusion than definitely you will feel to taste this recipe.

Lets see than how the Michael Ligier has made this ‘Invisible Pizza’

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How to make Invisible Pizza:

In that video the Michael Ligier have showcase something like transparent food base with some topping and said that it’s a ‘Invisible Pizza’. So let’s go and see what did the recipe say!

Ligier said- “We have really turned this kitchen into a chemistry lab, but we assure you, it surprisingly taste just like pizza.”

Adding to this he said-“We’ve created a crystal bread base that gives our pizza that amazing crunch, some buffalo mozzarella cheese spheres that explode with cheesy goodness in your mouth. Tomato juice caviar for that hit of sweetness and acidity. Then we have topped it with some fresh basil…garlic powder…chilli flakes…I know this is extra…”

Let’s take a look on the video:

From the positive to negative several types of reactions have came to this recipe.


Let’s take look on the comments:

Do comment your reactions on this ‘Invisible Pizza’!


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