World Food Day: Let’s Celebrates This Year by Spreading Awareness and Saving the Food For Our Better Tomorrow!

World Food Day celebrates from the year 1979. Its celebrates by more than 150 countries on 16 October every year. Its main objective to spread the awareness about the issues like hunger, malnutrition, poverty among the people's and also to celebrate the contribution of the individuals to make this world hungry free.

The World Food Day is celebrates to promote the awareness of the hunger, poverty, malnutrition issues. And getting a step ahead to make this world free from the hungry.

Every Year the World Food Day is celebrates on 16 October. To celebrates this day the initiative is taken by the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and established in the year 1979.

This day celebrates in more than 150 countries to raise the awareness of the issue of poverty, hunger and ensure that every one should get a healthy diet.

The main aim to celebrates this day because still their are many countries where the starvation is the big problem, especially in underdeveloped parts of the world. So the awareness is required to address this issue in effectively manner.

This year the theme is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow. “

What was the main objective of Celebrating World Food Day?

The main objective of celebrating the World Food Day is to spread the awareness to the people about the food and the importance of it in our life. And also to know the people the seriousness about the problem of hungry, malnutrition and poverty.

History of World Food Day:

The day was first established and get observed on November 1979. This idea was suggested by former Hungarian Minister of Agriculture and Food Dr Pal Romany. Since from the year the World Food Day is celebrated by 150 counties around the world. So this campaign has started to spread the awareness of this big issue that we are able to see in many parts of the world.

Theme of World Food Day:

Every year there was a theme, last year in 2020 the theme was “Grow, nourish, sustain. Together. Our actions are our future.” This theme was taken keeping the things in mind that the suffering million of people during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

This year the theme of the World Food Day is “Safe food now for a healthy tomorrow”. This year World Food Day celebrates the contribution of the people or an individual who contributes to build the sustainable world, where no one is hungry. Fulfill with all needs and satisfaction.

How to celebrate the World Food Day?

Contribution of everyone to make the world-free from hungry

It’s a day to spread the awareness, the one can celebrate it by giving the food to the people who really needs it. By fasting the food everyday on the plate its better to give to the needy ones. Or if you want to give your contribution to free the world from hunger and poverty, just do the quick web search, you will able to find the nearest food bank where you can hive your contribution in the right hand and they will give it the right person, who is really in need.

Here are some Twit on #World Food Day.

Let’s celebrate this year’s World Food Day by taking in mind the importance of food and by spreading the awareness of this issue.

Happy World Food Day!


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