A Quiet Place Part II Review – A Faithful Follow-Up To The Cult Classic

While A Quiet Place had right dose of ingredient to satisfy your quench for horror flicks, the sequel, A Quiet Place Part II, succeeds in keeping you on the edge of seat.

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For our viewers in the 2018 released A Quiet Place, we observed that world had suffered a calamity where human race has almost finished and what remains have to survive the post-apocalyptic stage where they always have to remain quiet to avoid monster-like creatures who are sensitive to any noise. The sequel talks about survival where the Abbot family, which includes Evelyn (Emily Blunt) and her kids, manage to find their old friend (Cillian Murphy), who is little hesitant to shelter him after he himself loses his near ones. As the struggle continues for the entire mankind, joining hands with each other for the survival becomes the only hope. 

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Directed by John Krasinki, A Quiet Place Part II is a faithful follow up to the master horror flick released in 2018. Right from the brilliantly made opening scene till the adventure carried out by different family members, John had succeeded in keeping the tension in each and every frame. Of course, the impact which the first had on the viewers will be missing but there are enough scenes to keep you at bay. The film does suffer few blemishes in the second half but thanks to the wonderful climax, you will be satisfied with an enthralling horror film. I also liked the technical aspects of the film where the utmost importance was given to the haunting background score composed by Merco Beltrami along with superb camera work provided by Polly Morgan. 

Performances are captivating from  Emily BluntMillicent Simmonds, and Noah Jupe who reprise their roles from the first film while Cillian Murphy is as usual dependable.

Overall, A Quiet Place Part II may not be a perfect and taut thriller like the previous one but it has enough tense moments to keep you thrilled for 97 minutes. Definitely go for it. 3.5/5


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