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No Time To Die Review – Raise A Toast For Daniel Craig’s Perfect Farewell

The 25th James Bond film No Time To Die makes Daniel Craig return in the iconic character of James Bond for the one last time and he indeed gives us a final sign-off which will be remembered and cherished. 

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An engineered virus has been stolen from the British Government facility by the evil Lyutsifer Safin (Rami Malek) who plans to spread the lethal weapon to the entire world. Meanwhile, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) requires support from James Bond in rescuing a kidnapped scientist who helped Safin leak the virus from the British Government facility. As James Bond digs deeper with help of Dr. Madeleine Swann (played by the gorgeous Lea Seydoux), he discovers the main agenda behind all this.

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Now a James Bond flick is generally greeted with a electrifying opening scene and No Time To Die leaves no stone unturned. The opening bike and car chase action sequence is beautifully shot with some amazing stunts followed by usual credit rolling in the true James Bond signature style. The interaction scene between Daniel Craig and Ralph Fiennes ( playing the role of M) followed by ravishing cars and cool gadgets is grasping. Things become more interesting when Bond sets out to protect Madeleine Swan which is added by great car chases.

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Directed by Cary Joji Fukuaga, No Time To Die does not hold your attention for ever and suffers from major blemishes. James Bond is known for utilizing the tactics to escape from his enemy. No Time To Die shows James Bond as larger-than- life character. In fact, he can do anything from flying planes and helicopters to dodging the bullets. Screenplay suffers in the climax which should have been the strong point. Rami Malek’s villain character is half-baked ( it is such a shame to under-utilize such a talented actor) and his scenes with Bond is diluted. Though the film is 2 hours 43 minutes film. the spy action flick is enjoyable with some cool action scenes and performances by the actors. Cinematography is eye-catching. Dialogues are fine.

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Daniel Craig gives his best to get into the role of James Bond and has done better than the previous film. The actor emotes expressively through his eyes and succeed with his solid performance. Ralph Fiennes as M and Ben Wishaw as Q are fine while the makers have introduced the first female 007 character, Nomi, played well Lashana Lynch. Léa Seydoux shines as Madeleine Swann. I loved Ana De Aramas in a brief but stunning role as Paloma as she kicks some tough guy in slit-through sexy dress.

Overall, No Time To Die bid adieu to one of the favorite James Bond, Daniel Craig, who revamped James Bond with his never-seen-before attitude and raw power. Go for it 3.5/5


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