The Top 10 Dishes That you Must Try During Durga Puja Days!

Durga puja which is also known as Durgotsava. It is biggest festival among Bengalis. Even it is equally celebrated although Maharashtra. As Durgotsava is a celebration of victory of virtuous over evil. This otsav is celebration of nine nights, so it is commonly known as Navratri.
Durga means dancing, enjoying the moments, wearing new clothes, chit-chat with friends and families, live with full of enjoyment, and positive energy. Along with enjoyment and fun, food has also play a very major role in such festivals. Every occasion is incomplete without food. The occasion and the festival allows you to try new dishes, which you can include Vegetarian dishes, snacks, desserts.

So, it is a good chance for the beginners to create magic in your kitchen and prepare some popular Durga Puja Food.

1. Basanti Pulao:

Basanti Pulao is a pure Bengali Food and one of the best famous Pilau rice Recipe in east India. It is sweet rice dish which is also known as Mishti Pulao. Which is frequently prepared by Bengali during Durga Puja. Basically it is combination of rice with some spices, dry fruits. It is mostly served with Chicken Curry.

2. Doi Illish :

Doi Illish is an Iconic Bengali fish recipe, now it is renowned for its supreme taste and flavors. It has it is own rich texture with heaty and tangy flavors. This dish is very quick and easy to make. This flavored curry will go awesome with Basmati rice. Hence you must try the Doi Illish during the Durga Puja.

3. Aloo Posto:

Aloo posto is also a pure Bengali Recipe and most delectable Bengali veg recipes. Bengali loves posto (poppy seeds). It is made with potatoes, poppy seeds, green chilies and some spices. It is popular vegetarian dish among Bengalis.

4. Chanar Korma:

Chanar Korma is pure Bengali dish, which is variation of Chanar dal. In this dish, we need coconut and cashew paste, peas, whipped yogurt, and some spices. This dish is mostly served with basanti Pulao.

5. Barishali Illish:

Barishali Illish is the famous Bengali Fish curry and popular in west Bengal. As it has extraordinary flavored Bengali macher jhol and it is always paired with plain rice. It is one of the most popular Durga puja recipes which every Bengali loves to have in their launch during Puja days.

6. Muri Ghonto:

Muri Ghonto is extremely delectable Bengali Recipe. This recipe is made with potatoes, aromatic rice, and with some spices. The word ‘Muri’ stands for fish heads and ‘Ghonto’ means mushy curry. This classic Bengali recipe you must have to try during Durga Puja Days.

7. Postor Bora:

Postor Bora is an exemplary tradition Bengali food, and known for its flavor and texture. This dish is made with the combination of poppy seeds paste, coconut paste, green chilies and rice flour. It is mostly served as a starter or as side with main course and also a perfect starter during Durga Puja days.

8. Nolen gurer Sandesh:

Nolen gurer Sandesh is a classic Bengali recipe which is crazily popular among Bengalis. It is tender milk-jaggery fudge which melts in mouth after every bite. Sandesh play a very vital role in Bengali Culture.

9. Rosogolla:

Rosogolla or Rasgulla is one of the most famous and fabulous desserts not only among Bengalis but every state. Any, events and festival or occasion especially is incomplete without Rosogolla. It is soft, spongy, and juice dessert and cooked in light sugar syrup.

10. Lucchi:

Lucchi is said to be Bengali Cousin of Pooris. It is made of wheat flour but Maida, which makes it softer than puris. You can enjoy it any curry, it will go best with every things.


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