Can these 5 minute Japanese Towel Exercise will help to burn the belly fat in just 10 Days!

Who does not want to get flat and toned abs? It is a dream of every person who sweat hours in the gym and some people also work at home on their muscles. To get the perfect abs many people do crunches, sit-ups, planks they try every exercise that help them to get the perfect abs and help them to burn the fat of the abdomen area. But as we all known that burning the fat of the abdomen area is not easy task. It usually takes a month with full of workout with help of proper diet plan.
And in such case which a workout which gives a result in just 10 days then, we really think that it’s really possible?
So let me tell you this detail. In the recent video which went viral in the social media, where the user claimed that this 5- minute Japanese exercise will help you flatten you abs in just 10 days. Even the video get more views and more than 2.8 million people comment on the video. As the video claimed that this exercise will help to flat the abdomen, so it really help or not, let’s find it out!

The origin of this exercise:

This exercise the Japanese Towel Technique was developed by Japanese reflexology and massage specialist, Dr Toshiki fukutsudzi over a decade ago to get the body in shape. This exercise will help to burn the belly fat and has power to convert into the abs he claimed. According to the specialist, this method help to reduce the extra fat on the belly.

What is this Japanese Towel Technique?

You you want to burn your fat then definitely try this exercise. To perform this exercise you need a mat and a towel. The step is as given below:
Step 1: lie on your back with your hands and legs stretched away from the body.
Step 2: place a medium size towel underneath your lower back, right below where your novel is.
Step 3: place your feet- shoulder width apart with your toes touching each other.
Step 4: Stretch your arms above your head, palms down, with your pinkles touching.
Step 5: hold this position for at least 5 minutes, then slowly relax your body.

Can this exercise help you get a flat tummy?

Surely that this exercise will not help to reduce your fat in just 10 days. Not only this but, no other exercise will to reduce your fat in 10 days. At least it will take a month to see the differences. Besides getting the flat tummy is influenced by several factors like your diet, exercise, sleeping habits and genes.


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