Exclusive Interview: “Music Videos is the Trend!” Vyom Singh Rajput Over his Recent MV, ‘Tumse’ Check it Out Here:

A music video, ‘Tumse’ launched by Zee Music Company with composer, singer and lyrics by Vyom Singh Rajput and Deepali Saini & Nishant Malkhani being in the lead roles.

Vyom Singh Rajput is back with his 3rd hit song, ‘Tumse’ on youtube under the production Zee Music Company starring Nishant Malkhani and Deepali Saini. The music video got launched on Sep 2, 2021 and has already got 580K Views.

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Vyom Singh Rajput has composed this song all by his own with the music arranger Vivian Richard. Aman Prajapat has directed this music video with Malkhani and Deepali Saini showing the best unfolding of a love relation.

Tumse Lyrics- Vyom Singh Rajput - Ganner Lyrics

The MV is already hitting and thus we reached to the singer himself to know more about what’s going on his mind recently, check it below:

MVs are more than trending recently, what made you feel to work for a MV?

Music videos are quite trendy in today’s time. That’s why I am making a music video. Working on a music video is a different experience. The projects are short, so you can do many things at once. Today’s generation is absolutely loving music videos. So, I am more focused on the music video. I am also working on films and singles, but the music videos are quite trendy and eye-catching nowadays. So, I am focusing more on that.

Making an exclusive music content under Zee Music banner how was your experience?

‘Tumse’ is my second song which has been released with Zee music. Asi Maan Gaye was my first song with Zee music, which was quite liked by the people. The audience is also liking ‘Tumse’ a lot, I’ve been getting a lot of appreciation. So, my experience was fabulous and I really enjoyed it.

What inspired you to represent this sweetest unfolding of relationship?

From day 1, my inspiration for creating songs has been my dad. Because he himself is a folk singer and sings beautifully even today. I always look up to him and follow in his footsteps. So my first inspiration has always been my dad. Secondly, I feel if your song has a soul, it comes to life on its own and there’s a sweetness that comes with it. You have to sing the song with a feel. The feel and the soul are very important to sing any song, this is what I feel.

Now after giving 3rd big hit with ‘Tumse,’what are you planning to bring in future?

After Tumse, I am working on two more music videos. I’ve wrapped up the shoot on one of them recently and the second one will be shot next month. After that, I’m working on the music for a very big political film. Everything else depends on God, my fans, and how much they are liking my work.

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