Love modaks! Give your festival a special taste with these top 6 types of modaks that you must try this Ganesh Chaturthi!

Love Modaks? If you are planning to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and make it a grand affair, you must have loads of sweets and savouries on the menu to offer to Ganpatiji and serve as a prasad or blog. While you decide which ones to prepare and enjoy, you surely cannot miss the delicious modaks which are considered to be one of Ganpati’s most favourite sweets. Did you know that Ganeshji is also known as Modakpriya because of his love for these sweet delights? Modaks are sweet dumplings that are filled with grated coconut or jaggery. While this is the basic and original form of a modak, there are other exciting types too that have been introduced to satiate evolving palates across the country. People are now experimenting with newer forms of modak fillings and you must try them too.

If you are planning to give the same old modaks a break this Ganesh Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chaturthi, pick from the list below that we have made to make Lord Ganesha happy:

1. Steamed Modak:

Steamed Modaks, also known as Ukadiche Modak is made in a steamer pan and is the most popular variety of modak, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi These Modak are made with rice flour maida or wheat flour and are filled with grated coconut and Jaggery.

2. Fried Modak:

Fried Modak is yet another version of modak, also known as patholi. These modaks can be made from whole wheat flour. The modaks are either deep-fried or shallow fried and filled with sweet, chewy coconut stuffing. They have a very crunchy and crispy outer covering.

3. Chana Dal Modak:

Chana Dal Modak is also known as Kadalai Paruppu Pooranam Kozhukattai in Tamil and has a similar method of preparation, just the filling inside is different. The stuffing has cooked chana dal and jaggery mixed in it.

4. Rava Modak:

The outer casing of the modak is made with Rava and can be filled with anything from coconut to jaggery and poppy seeds and even chopped nuts and seeds. To make the outer covering of Rava, all you need to do is to roast the Rava on a pan and keep it on a separate plate. In another pan, add water and milk and some ghee. Let the mixture come to a boil and then add roasted Rava to it. Stir it continuously till it turns into a dough-like consistency. Once it cools down, you can shape it into modaks

5. Dry Fruits Modak:

You can use a delectable mixture of dry fruits like almonds, cashew nuts, raisins, chironji, pistachios, seedless dates and khus khus to fill up the modaks. You can also add coconut and mawa (khoya) to give it a good base. The outer covering of the modak can be the same.

6. Dark Chocolate Modak:

Who would have thought that chocolate modaks would become a thing? You can make the outer covering of the modak with chocolate powder and glucose biscuit and stuff it with melted chocolate. Don’t believe us, try this recipe of Chocolate Modak. The filling can also include grated coconut and various dry fruits.

So what are you waiting for? Give your festival tasteful joy! Try this recipe this Ganesh Chaturthi!


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