Weight Loss: The secret of Kareena Kapoor’s fitness, do these exercise to get a proper fitness

Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor’s yoga trainer Rupal shared a throw-back video on social media. It shows Kareena Kapoor practicing sun mask. You can see Kareena Kapoor practicing the steps of Surya Namaskar properly one by one, while the yoga trainer seems to be encouraging Kareena.

During Kareena’s fitness journey, a total of 12 sunscreens were taken from her at the beginning of the training, Rupal had mentioned in the post along with the video.

Sun salutation – Exercise of the whole body

Surya Namaskar is a complete set of 12 seats. This is a great exercise for cardiovascular health. Also, sun salutation has many benefits for physical and mental health. You also don’t do any kind of exercise in lockdown? Then you can start your workout with a sun mask.

When to practice sun salutation?

You can practice any sunscreen. But after waking up in the morning, practicing sun mask on an empty stomach is beneficial for health. The sun mask consists of 12 asanas. There are also different types of sunscreen. You should practice these types under the guidance of a trainer. Exercise daily to experience positive changes in body and mental health as soon as possible. Do not do asanas, exercise after eating food.

Benefits of Suryanamaskaar

Reduces the risk of heart attack
Helps to keep the nervous system healthy
The muscles of the body get great tension
The best exercise to lose weight (Weight Loss Tips)
The digestive system continues to function smoothly
Exercise the whole body
How many sunscreens a day?

To get maximum benefit to the body, try to do 12 regular sun salutations. Initially, sunbathe as much as you can, but gradually increase the number.

Kareena Kapoor Workout Secret

Sun salutation, walk jogging?

When you practice sun mask, all the joints of your body move properly. Walking and jogging involves a lot of lower body exercise. Walking or jogging improves heart and lung health. But sun mascara exercises the whole body.

Does regular sunbathing cause physical changes?

If you want to keep your whole body healthy, you should practice regular sun mask. It increases body elasticity, improves body posture, enhances natural glow on the skin, strengthens body muscles, helps reduce depression. In the meantime, if you have problems like low back pain, back pain, knee pain while sleeping on the ground as well as getting up, you can practice sun mask sitting on a chair.


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