World Suicide Prevention Day: Suicide Is Never An Escape; This Suicide prevention Day Let’s Make People Realize The Worth Of Life!


September 10 is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day. Sadly, we have to create a day like this where we need to make people aware that suicide is not a viable option to escape the problems. It is very unfortunate that people commit suicide to end their problems or stress or whatever situation they are going through. Agreed that everyone is not mentally strong to face the worst situation of their lives so to end it becomes an option for them which is wrong.

People should realize that we have one life so why not live it to the fullest! Problems come is everyone’s lives but you need to learn to tackle them. An individual if keeps a company of good people around him like friends and family then one can overcome all the testing times. A person needs to share his problems with others to find collective solutions to overcome it. The mistake that the majority of people make is that they hide their issues and problems from others.

Having said that makes me add a point that every individual should at least have that one person with whom they can share everything happening in their life. One should think of their loved ones they think of committing suicide. When a person commits suicide, then the close ones have to face the after-effects of it. It’s just that the person who has committed suicide pass on his problems to his dear ones

After I hear about suicide news, I feel is the cost of our life so cheap? How easily one ends it? Life is a beautiful gift that god and our parents have given us and people just end it because something does not happen the way they wanted it to happen.

Life is given to all; not everyone gets everything by birth. Some are privileged some are not but how you live it is completely up to you. Some people find happiness in small things while there are also people who are unhappy even after having everything.

Simple things like checking on each other, understanding the problems of others, sharing thoughts can help people to overcome and prevent suicidal thoughts. People should also stop giving up on things easily and rather strive for what you want. Have faith and hope every morning brings new sunshine!

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