Why a Virtual Campus Beats Online Learning?


It is clear that COVID-19 has created a unique situation for education. Students are not allowed to attend physical locations, and with an unknown time, restriction learning will suffer. So, naturally, there was a scramble to create online learning portals, but there is a real problem with this. For some, the social aspect of the classroom is vital to engaging, and not all kids are able to self-motivate and learn, which means they will be struggling with the bland format and presentation used for online learning.

While we accept that isolation is vital to overcoming the pandemic, it is also essential that we do not isolate kids in a way that will damage their mental health. We also need to engage and appeal to students; otherwise, the pre-recorded videos and accompanying worksheets will sit untouched while gaming and interactive social media channels take precedent.


In order to engage the younger generation, we need to be on their wavelength, and this realization has lead Tech-Adaptika to make an excellent and interactive breakthrough with their educational technology. Students are loving it thanks to the appealing nature.

The aim of the new virtual arena that has been created by Tech Adaptika is to motivate and improve online learning for the future. Kids generally will put their focus into education, but even more so if it is offered up in a way that appeals to their likes and interests. Learning is very much a social experience that relies heavily on the interactions of fellow students and teachers, and this is what they have created. It removes the feeling of isolation and brings a community feel to the learning environment in a way kids can adapt to.

While monitoring the COVD-19 crisis we don’t know how long students will be kept out of their classrooms, but let’s provide them with the guidance and support they need to continue growing.



Carrie Purcell, Head of Strategy & Partnership, Tech-AdaptiKa.

So how do you engage young people?

Well basically video games are the hook, and this is a game-style virtual campus that brings everything kids find attractive into one new virtual classroom where students get to participate in real-time, with their avatars taking their place in the VR room. It is an always-open institution for them to drop in and out off, attending courses and lectures that facilitate learning while keeping their motivation high. Tried and tested at a range of colleges and universities they are proud to showcase LiVe, a virtual classroom that has been in development for 15 months and is now ready to use.

Virtual Campus combined with a Learning Management System

Each student has a unique login that opens the correct courses and live learning that they are required to attend. It is a secure private network and once the course completes there is lifetime access to the Open Virtual Campus meaning you can meet up and attend events at any time to suit yourself.


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